Baggy pants debate continues

This is a touchy subject and has people up in arms.  Banning baggy pants  is not the answer.  As much as I hate to see it, that is not going to change young people and the adults who wear their pants 4 times their waist size.  It wouldn’t be so bad if people’s boxers were not being exposed and have to constantly see people pulling their pants up every 10 seconds because they literally can’t walk in them.

Another problem is you have grown ass men who wear their pants hanging off their asses!!  I am 32 y/o, and never once did I think about buying or wearing pants that were too big for me. 

So what do we do about this?  Should government tell parents how to raise their children, or should parents be responsible for that.  Read what one father, Lionel had to say about the baggy pants debate:  Click here

My sons and I wear baggy pants,” he says. “We should be able to wear whatever we want.”

Ugh…I hate when grown ass people act like children. 

Lionel is father and no one wants to see his pants hanging off his butt or see his boxers.  Then he takes a step further by describing how showing your boxers is apart of the baggy pants outfit.  it is obvious that this brother is ignorant. 

The cool way to wear baggy pants is with boxer shorts: plaids, prints. An un-cool way to wear baggy pants is with tighty-whities, briefs. That’s a no-no,” Lionel says.

Am I being judgemental? Yes I am.  I wonder if he is teaching his sons how to be responsible young men.  If he encourages them to read and become educated, instead of coordinating match boxers with baggy pants.  I am not saying that if you wear baggy pants you can’t be educated, but you can not get a job wearing your pants like that. 

A lot of our parents use to wear clothing 2 sizes bigger because they could not afford to keep buying clothes.  In jail inmates use to wear baggy pants because they didn’t have belts or had to wear whatever sizes the prison had at the time.  So how is wearing baggy pants a fashion statement?   

This just goes to show that as much as I don’t agree with government telling people how to raise their children, something has to give because when you have parents like Lionel, who is describing what kind of boxers you should display with baggy pants it’s hard to swallow… just my opinion…


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  1. As the owner of, I have a unique perspective on this topic since I supply an alternative to sagging pants that is becoming popular with both males AND females.

    There are many clothing styles that I don’t like; however, this is the only clothing style that government has stepped in to ban. If we start issuing fines to everyone I think looks bad – we can cover the government deficit.

    As a society, we have lowered our standards related to women’s attire so low that we basically encourage them to be half naked. Does sagging pants laws discriminate? Heck yes, but it isn’t necessarily only racial discrimination. Gender rules allow string bikinis at public beaches – but, a young man can’t show a piece of fabric sticking out the back of his fully clothed pants.

    And as far as the racial issue. It is a racial issue to many people – we all look at life differently and what motivates each of us is not the same. YOU may not ‘see color’, but many people do. Just because YOUR opinions are not motivated by racial predispositions, does not mean that others think as clearly as you do. (Kudos to you for your open-mindedness) Many people only took action to ban the style AFTER it started spreading to the suburbs and becoming multi-cultural.

    When I was a teen – I wore my pants ripped at the knees with a bandana and a black T-shirt. My parents hated it. Growing up means exercising your right to creative self-expression. This is a fad. Who knows what style will come next. Hoop skirts and turtle necks for all? Believe it or not, the style actually IS comfortable.

    Banning this style is a horrific example of how our leaders in elected positions lack the intellect and understanding of the true diversity found in our society. They are violating the civil rights and liberties of young americans and it IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. It’s also simply ignorance.

    Let ’em Sag America – our forefathers fought and died for your right to just be you. Enjoy your rights.

    -Leigh Snelling
    The Trash Pants Company

  2. We like it or not. Some kids act like adutls. But they allowed to wear someonthing as long as they have something else covering there butt etc…

  3. baggy pants are horrible,probably even more than the poeple who wear them,they’re definetely the bigest mistake in the world of fashion,no need to ad they’re completelyvulgair,just watch who wears them,people with no maners and probably no education,how can parents buy such horrible stuff to their children&worse,wear them too to look young.I guess these people don’t realise how ridiculous they look,unless they love to have poeple laughing at them and looking as they were clowns

  4. no jeans unless: 501

  5. baggy or saggy pants is a persons right to be comfortable. PANTS BELOW THE WASTE to purposely draw attention is nasty unsightly (usually worn by scum bags wanting attention as is the loud bass bunny music).

    If these ugly things in life happen to fall into a white, black or yellow community so be it and fine the hell out of them.
    our problem is we are so afraid of saying its mainly done by black people (who cares)…… black people make their own beds as do white people so lye in it…

    i will not explain to my little girl why she has to look at a nasty butt with pants hanging down. i should not have to in public.

    again, baggy or saggy is one thing, below the waste pants are worn by only scum bags.

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