Lil Wayne shows up 3 hours late to Richmond concert

I know I am going to catch some heat for this; but after reading this article I have so many questions.  I want to preface this buy saying that I love true Hip-Hop…  lol here we go…

According to the article, Lil Wayne showed up to the concert venue in Richmond 3 hours late;

Though more than three hours late — coming on stage at 11:50 p.m., to be precise

Question #1-  why would anyone wait over 3 hours to see Lil Wayne?

Some fans grew impatient and demanded refunds:

“I want my money back,” said Shapierra Debro, 16, there with her cousin Tymesha Debro and friend Deshante Robinson. “I can look at him on TV. You see everybody else and their momma on stage tonight except Wayne.”

Question #2,3,4- What is a 16 y/o doing at a Lil Wayne concert?  Where was this little girl’s parents? Why hasn’t anyone smacked the hell out of them for letting her buy tickets to a Lil Wayne concert?

I guess I am just not getting why Lil Wayne is popular.  Anyways I will go on to the next issue. 

Vanessa McCalla, 31, was especially incensed because she drove from Virginia Beach and took a partial vacation day from work to be at the concert.

“This is ridiculous. I’m a single parent. I work hard for my money and I’m a professional. He should be a professional, too. I’m disgusted,” McCalla said.

Okay I had to LOL when I read this part.  Vanessa says that she is a professional single mother who took a partial vacation to drive to Richmond from VA Beach….   She is concerned that Lil Wayne is not professional enough to show up on time.  I think Vanessa didn’t hear that Lil Wayne was arrested and charged earlier in the day with several counts of drug and weapons charges in an Arizona courtroom. 

Lil Wayne is a professional, but not the kind of professional she is referring to…. lol

Question #5- What is a partial vacation?  Leaving work early is a partial vacation?  I’m confused….

Question #6- What kind of professional is Vanessa taking a partial vacation to see Lil Wayne? Once again I’m confused…lol

Apprantly there were some VCU students who were not to happy about Lil Wayne showing up 3 hours late.

Ten minutes later, VCU students Tenzin Sampher, Louis Cincinelli and Garret Wegrzynowicz, figuring Wayne had finished the show after a mere 20 minutes, also left the venue.

“Virginia Commonwealth students and Richmond as a whole isn’t going to forget what he did to us today. It was unacceptable,” said Sampher.

Question #7,8,9-Uhh is Lil Wayne the President of VCU? Does he sit on the Board? Why would VCU be concerned that Lil Wayne showed up 3 hours late to a non University concert?  I think most VCU students will be able to pick up the pieces some how to carry on with their collegiate careers…


6 Responses

  1. I don’t know what the uproar was for -that a simple refund wouldn’t fix.

  2. another reason y i worte this THANK WE FREE

  3. I went to a Frontine Assembly show in St Paul Minnesota a while back, and the bands started on time.

    Frontline Assembly played for 90 minutes.

    THAT’S how live performances should be done.

  4. Partial vacation day is what it is. Vacation is accrued by hours, you can use the hours that you need for any reason you want to. There is nothing wrong with doing that.. better than people who use sick days for personal reasons.

  5. Ok, let me straighten out a few things…I know I’m late but I just stumbled upon this.

    1. When you have excellent benefits, you know what a partial vacation day is…(Thanks Logan for clearing that one up)

    2. Yes, I knew Lil Wayne was arrested. I was upset because I had tickets to the show and had a feeling it would be canceled. However, I called the theater before I hit the road and they assured me that it was still on and that in fact Lil Wayne was in Richmond already.

    3. I show up to the concert 2 1/2 hours late to avoid the opening acts. Lil Wayne wasn’t on the stage…. I was told by theater workers that Lil Wayne’s flight was delayed and he was stuck in Yuma, AZ. I was pi$$ed because I was assured before I left the beach that he was already in Richmond. I understood at this point the theater wasn’t trying to lose any money.

    4. 1 1/2 hours of listening to a D.J. yell out every 15 minutes that Wayne would be on stage in 15 minutes. I lost my patience. (I was 2 1/2 hours late so this is now 4 hours after the show started.)

    5. I stand in line at the managers office for another hour waiting for a refund. They wouldn’t let any one in the office – they were stalling, waiting for Wayne to show up. A security guard told me they didnt know if wayne was going to show. – I was livid.

    6. I was misquoted. What I thought was unprofessional was the way it was all handled. The theater is to blame. I was lied to and I didn’t appreciate it. Wayne showed up REAL late. I got a refund so I missed the show.

    I’m not accusing Native Son but from other blogs I’ve read on the web I think it is very ludicrous that in 2008 people are astounded that a 31 year old professional is into Lil Wayne’s music. I grew up listening to hip-hop. REAL hip-hop. My parents listened to hip-hop.

    Lil Wayne is a very talented man. Lyrically and Instrumentally. Who am I or anyone to judge this man?
    We all have issues. I respect the talent.

    P.S. The Carter III is a “classic” -go cop that if you don’t already have it. LOL


  6. Ok, so it’s been a year since this thread was started, but I can’t resist. Dude, you think you’re making a joke asking questions 7,8 and 9. Just for asking those questions, it’s veeerrrrry obvious that you know nothing of Richmond, VA. VCU owns Richmond. Richmond eats, sleeps and breathes VCU. Richmond and VCU, samie same, in sIck, demented symbiosis. If one goes, so goes the other. You can bet your first born that VCU is very concerned about everything that happens in Richmond. VCU weighs in on EVERY aspect of Richmond life. Can I stress this any further? Probably, but you’ll still never understand. If Dr. Trani farts, the whole city shakes. And only a Richmonder understands that. No need to respond, I doubt I’ll ever visit the site again

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