Bootleg FEMA Trailers

There have been reports about the FEMA trailers making kids sick, and the complaints were ignored.  When I was in New Orleans in December, I had asked a tour guide about the FEMA trailers and she told me that the media is to blame for the over hype, and that the trailers were safe.  I asked her where is her proof and she told me that she knows that they are……. 

 So where do we go from here?  Some people have written Katrina off as yesterday’s news.  Where is the accountability?  Did President mention New Orleans in his state of the Union Address??  Ahhhhh yes he did mention New Orleans; the city where he will meet with the Mexican President for the trade conference………. Our country will pay for the policies that our elected officials have implemented for a long time.


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  1. I am from New Orleans. All my family is there, and those who were staying in trailers GOT SICK from FORMALDEHYDE
    POISONING. One of my godmothers is even staying in an apartment that the CENTER of DISEASE CONTROL is paying for- CAUSE SHE GOT VIOLENTLY SICK from living in the trailer.
    Not only that, but one key could unlock hundreds of different trailer doors -and they found that out ’cause people were being robbed w/o forceful entries. They really sh^t in our faces after the storm!

  2. Nice to see you are one of few who are trying to keep the spotlight on this downtrodden city. I’m fairly new to the blogosphere but I was wise enough to favorite your blog and link to it on my site. Just wanted to say I admire your work. Your site is full of info every person of color needs to see.

  3. Bootleg FEMA trailers were being sold in the Northwest even after all the hoopla about the problems they’ve caused. That’s a fact that is several months old ~ read my November 2007 post. A classified ad that I had found in November ’07 was looking to sell FEMA trailers.

  4. Damn if you do damn if you don’t. Why do people expect the government to save them and support them when the people do little effort to help themselves. Don’t get me wrong the response to Katrina was awful however I have never heard so much moaning about why the government can’t provide First Class service. Stop giving in to these people who don’t make an effort to help themselves.

  5. Brian K,

    You are so insensitive for this comment!

    You have no idea what anyone did or didn’t do to try to get out. Alot of people in my family don’t have the disposal income you may have to just uproot and live in a hotel for months- not days MONTHS.
    Are you from New Orleans? If not, please restrain from making assesments like this.

    Another thing: Why shouldn’t we expect the government to help us when need be. We pay gotdamn taxes for them to do so!!!

  6. In September, 2007, my family and I went to New Orleans to help some friends of ours that were in dire need to rebuild. They had a FEMA trailer that we stayed in for 1 week. Our teenage grandson went with us. He got deathly ill. He started throwing up and running a fever. I got sick with a severe sinus infection and cold. To this day, I have a wheezing and bad cough from my lungs. I know this was caused from that FEMA trailer. I do not feel that I will ever get rid of this, but thankfully my grandson got well, after we left. As for what Brian K said, he ought to have to go down there and see what those poor people are having to live in. These are poor people that did not have much to begin with, but they have even less now. How can we live in such a great country and turn our backs on our own? If you live in a poorly built home, and Katrina took it, what are you supposed to do? These are people that still need our help. I feel sorry for people like Brian K, who do not have the capacity to understand what these people are going through. But most of all, I feel sorry for the poor and elderly people of New Orleans!!

  7. In the past, everyone was on their on. You stayed in shelters if you couldn’t afford anything else, you stayed with relatives, friends or other means if you had that at your disposal.
    The government steps in provides thousands of trailers as shelters. These trailers are provided by manufacturers that the government bought them from.
    Now it would appear that the government will be part of a lawsuit for helping out. Kinda like cutting off the hand that feeds you. Unfortunately most of the country believes there are more freeloaders in New Orleans than there are tax payers and to some extent that is true. Life has never been so good for some, and horrible for others. There has been more corruption with the handouts that I would doubt it woud ever happen again. So many people have profited and come out better, while others that truly needed the help are still waiting. How does one with no visible damage to their home get 80K in Road Home money while others with only a slab left gets nothing.
    You could buy every family in New Orleans a new home for what the government sent that area. Where did it go? Corrupt politicians thats who.
    Next time a hurricane comes, it would be best to put the politicians and people in office that run the New Orleans area out by the levees to help hold them upright.

  8. Fox, you are an idiot. A conservative estimate of 400,000 preKartrina, with a conservative estimate of 100,000 for a home, is 40 billion dollars. The Gov’t gave about 30 bucks for Katrina recovery. And yes, politicians are crooked down there too, Nagin is a monster, but the federal gov’t f’d up really bad. Brian K, let me guess, your upper-middle jaded white male whose always been in that demographic. Now you’re middle aged and already cynical. Political agendas should be about the Common Good, not just one individual. I was down there and it was 3rd World.

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