Black or white? Egyptian immigrant fights for black classification


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  1. makes since, Egypt is in Africa

  2. “makes since, Egypt is in Africa”

    Can a white person from Egypt be an “African-American”?

    Does being “black” qualify you as an African-American or is “black” more of a socio-political reference coined by white Americans to denote someone who is not a white American that embraces so-called black culture?

    Better yet, if you’re half german, for example, and half-black, and you live in America–Are you African-American or German-American or, uh-oh, white? That is, if half-black people consider themselves African-American, what is wrong with a half-white/half-black person calling themselves white?

    If your mother is a white German, and your father’s descendants came from Jamaica in 1901, and you know no other culture than Jamaican, German and American–are you an African-American?

    Please explain.

    Could one answer be that we live in a modern society that still holds on to ancient notions and stereotypes about race (e.g., ignorant adherence to the one-drop rule)?

  3. Native Son check this out:

    By the way I started a blog NonprofitCommunity to help the nonprofits in PGC

  4. Know your history, folks.

    The history of our country shows that racial immigration politics has been designed to keep one group statistically (if not actually) dominant and in the majority.

    In simple terms, race is a construction and anybody can be deemed “white” if it serves to make it look like white people are in the majority, and serves to keep certain colored folk (particularly African-Americans) in a minority (slave) mentality.

    Know your history, folks.

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