Mayor Kilpatrick Speaks

So what’s your take on it?  Should he step down, or are his actions forgivable and should remain in office?  Does lying under oath mean anything anymore since Bill Clinton’s famous scandal? 

 KilPatrick Apologies with wife at his side


13 Responses

  1. “Should he step down, or are his actions forgivable and should remain in office?”

    — If you want the leader of your city to be the type of person who lies to their wives and under oath, and costs the city over $9M dollars for other nonsense, then, yes, he should remain in office.

    “Does lying under oath mean anything anymore since Bill Clinton’s famous scandal?”

    — Perjury is a crime punishable by prison sentence and/or fine. There is no “apology” or “Bill Clinton” exception. Do you have children? If your son or daughter comes home and tells you she’s suspended for lying to her teacher, are you going to say, it’s OK sugar, Bill Clinton told a few lies in his days.

  2. Afripino:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Kilpatrick lied under oath, cost the city almost 10 million dollars because of law suit and he wants to stay in office? He needs to step down. The resaon I posed those questions in my post is because this is what I am hearing from people. It amazes me how some people in Detroit, don’t mind being used and pimped.

  3. Being used and pimped is a great way to put it. It’s unbelievable to me (or maybe not so much) that people still support this man. Most of us know that he should step down but won’t. Saying “I’m sorry” isn’t the same as saying “I’m wrong.”

  4. He needs to go. The whole situation is ridiculous and should never have happened.

  5. He is an embarrassment to the voters of Detriot. When will he step down? Is he waiting until the State Police handcuff him in the Mayors Office? How come his wife isn’t bitch slapping him at the press conference? My wife would not have even showed up at a press conference! Where is her self respect!

  6. I live in Detroit, and I feel that the Mayor really needs to go. The 9 million dollars that has to be paid out from the lawsuit could’ve done so much good in the city. There is a HUGE backlog of condemned houses that need to be torn down. There are lots that need to be cleaned up. There are children that have to walk down dark streets to school in the morning because the streetlights aren’t maintained. I could go on and on. This mayor doesn’t have the city’s best interests at heart. When I hear fellow Detroiters run to his defense, or worse yet, cry ‘racism,’ I truly wonder what planet they are living on. As a Black person, I don’t support someone just because they are Black. Like Public Enemy says, “Every brother ain’t a brother.”

  7. He’s just a sociopath like the other polictians bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, and preachers, Swaggert, Jimmy Baker, Al Sharpton . He and his political and religious machines will deny, lie and continue to make excuses for his sociopathic behavior, lack of ethics, disloyalty, breach of fiduciary duty to the city and immoral lapses of judgment.
    His and his supporters jobs and income depend on continuing access to the public treasury. He and his supporters are protecting their own self-interest while announcing that they are working for the public good.
    Business as usual in politics and religion.

  8. The man made a mistake over 6 years ago, can we move on already?

    Sure he used state property to send messages to his then girlfriend but other politicians have done much worse (i.e. Bill Clinton). Everyone loves Bill Clinton and worships the ground he walks on. Even he had an intern in the White House handling his business.

    Everyone is human, we all make mistakes. It’s funny how certain people are condemned more than others.

  9. Rashonda:

    I don’t think people are angry because he had an affair, people are annoyed that lied under oath and because of his actions it cost a city that is all ready worn down 10 million dollars. Detroit’s housing and job market is the worse, and now the city had to pay 10 million dollars because a man who claims he loves the city of Detroit screwed things up.

  10. What a louse… Can’t they throw him out?

  11. It always bother me when some “well-intentioned” black folk defend criminals and liars just because they’re black. Comparing Kilpatrick to Clinton, Nixon or any other white politician is irrelevant. Wrong is wrong.

    Clinton was impeached. Nixon had the good sense to resign before then. Kilpatrick should be made to answer for his actions.

  12. Shelli:

    You are on point!!

  13. I didn’t think Clinton was impeached?

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