Shooting at Uno Pizzeria in Largo

This is why I rarely go to BLVD; especially on the weekends.  People who hang out at the BLVD are off the hook.  So we wonder why our County can’t get an high end stores and fine dining restaurants.  And yes we have several Macys but we got those by default.  What is it with some of us who have no respect for community?  Can we not see that we are doing nothing but hurting ourselves?  My Prayers go out to the families of the victims.

2 Dead In Largo Pizzeria Shooting; 3rd Man Wounded During Super Bowl

Update-Third Person is now Dead


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  1. Native, this is very, very sad to hear. I still think the Blvd. is a good concept, but this just should not have happened. Why do you think some people always have to mess up something that is supposed to be nice? Uno’s is a good midscale restaurant, and people take their families there, and I hope small children were not there at the time to hear/witness these murders. It is disgusting how some people have no regard for human life and no self-control and decency.

    I’ve been to the Blvd. and generally have liked it, especially the more upscale restaurants like Stonefish, etc. However, I know a lot of people will avoid the mall area now, and I really can’t blame them if they feel uncomfortable. However, incidents like this really do a disservice to the people who want this mall to work for the forseeable future. The area where the mall is located is a pretty nice area, and I have never had issues there, so do you think it was just something that “could have happened anywhere”? I don’t know what to think of this incident, other than I am just sad that 2 people were killed.

  2. John:

    Your right, the mall is in a perfect location, but on the weekends it is straight hood. It is sad to say, but it is. My prayers go out to the families who lost people over the weekend

  3. All 3 have now died and this is truly sad. The concept of the BLVD is good but unfortunately some just aren’t ready. High end retail will continue to shun this County while the deeds of a few of us overshadow those deeds of the rest of us.

  4. How sad. My friend always complains how PG County always gets denied the retail opportunities that are found in Montgomery County and Virginia, but unfortunately events like this reinforce the stereotype that “black people can’t have nothin'”

    But for the record, I’ve been to BLVD many times without incident and will continue to do so. Hopefully this will not prompt stores to leave the area.

  5. I’m so sick and tired of these senseless killings. I’m tired of having to drive to VA or Montgomery County if I want to shop or to DC if I want to eat at a decent restaurant.

    It’s sad that these people do not see what they are doing to our county. They obviously do not care about how they are recklessly killing innocent people and causing the deterioration of what was once the most affluent Black county in the US. (DeKalb county in GA is taking the lead)

    As a native of Prince George’s County, who recently moved back to the area after living in FL, GA, and NY for the past 10 years, it’s sad to see how much this county has changed.

    How can we go from such a reputable place held with such high regard to this?

  6. It is so unfortuante that three people have lost their lives because of ignorance once again!!! When most of us were enjoying a really great Super Bowl game, others were on the verge of losing their lives! It’s frustrates me to see that we have so little consideration for the value of human life.

    There are countries where people are dying every day because of wars that begin because of circumstances beyond their control. However, we choose to create our own conflicts and wars, against our own people, and in our own communities. We make it easier for people to come up with statistics that shed a dark light on our communities and on us as a people.

    When we see men like Obama, fighting to make a change for all of us we should be inspired to make a change too. We should be proving that we cannot be placed in the categories and be defined by the stereotypes. Instead we choose to kill each other by using the same weapons initially used to enslave us. Define irony!

    Some of us choose to remain ignorant. So many have died so that we can enjoy luxuries like going to a restaurant but yet we dont stop to think. When will we wake up? The sad part is that I truly believe that some have been lost for so long that they don’t even know that they are lost.

  7. […] description of two types of “our” people. Agree or disagree, he had a point. “What is it with some of us who have no respect for community?” (Native Son, 2/4/2008). Now you see why certain high-end retailers don’t trust Prince […]

  8. As a Princegeorgian, I am always saddened to hear of the senseless murders of young people who either live or are visiting our county.
    What is the community doing to make our county safer?

    Sometimes we do need protection from ourselves.

    Why didn’t the management of Uno’s have additional security for staff and patrons on Superbowl Sunday?

    Enough with the hang wringing and the “Lordy, lordy wha we’s gonna do.” I’m sick of it.

    Here is an appropriate quote by Edmond Burke.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a good men (women) to do nothing.”

  9. Cassandra, I don’t think the restaurant did anything wrong. Why do we need extra security to feel safe when we go out in our own communities? Who expects to get shot when they go out for pizza?

    The problem we’re facing can only be resolved by us. We can’t continue pointing the finger at others. Folk it’s time to clean our own house!

    A few things we can do to affect change are:

    1.) Stop glorifying sex, violence and stupidity. It ain’t cute or cool.
    2.) Hold our leaders to a higher standard. I don’t give a d@mn if it seems unfair. If your house is on fire you do what it takes to put it out.
    3.) Stop being afraid to call out BET, Urban radio and any other industry that protects and promotes thugs and pedophiles in our communities.
    4.) take an active role in raising and educating our kids.
    5.) Stop expecting someone else to save us.

    That’s is all.

  10. I wonder if the next President of the United States, when he moves his family into the white house in Washington, DC, I wonder if he will address all the black on black crime happening in his back yard. God help us all!


    Is the problem with black on black crime in our communities across the country the President’s fault? Or is it our fault for not holding our local officials responsible for being tough on crime?

    As you read from Today’s Washington Post article, the Aunt of Tron Johnson said that she was shocked when he was arrested and that this crime didn’t sound like something he could do.

    I have heard stories of family members hiding their loved ones when the police are looking for them; or not telling police where their family member is hiding because as one person said; it’s my job to find criminals; its the police officer’s job to do that.

    Maybe the problem in the black community is us. So often we give our family members a pass because of how difficult it is to be a minority in this country; we confuse the 2 and allow some of them to get away with murder.

  12. I know this young man and he’s had a rough life. Although this does not excuse him, please keep him in your prayers. Four people lost their lives in this.

  13. ABC:

    Can you please shed light on his family life. The Post reported today that he lived with his aunt. Where are his parents?

  14. I believe very strongly that the guy who is being charged with committing these murders is a young man from my neighborhood…I’m saddened for all of the victims and their families, but I am also saddened by him. I saw him deteriorate from a young man who had made some bad choices (drug charges at such a young age) to someone who constantly had a hopeless and dead look in his eyes. HOWEVER – I feel good knowing that although I could have discounted him as another bad seed, I took the time to talk to this young man like a PERSON. During his better days, we talked about things such as why he hung out on the street, and what his plans were for his life, and God (I am a Christian). Although I have moments where I feel like our conversation and subsequent interactions (hello, goodbye, etc.) didn’t bear any fruit, overall I feel like I can say I want to make a difference in the lives of youths. I have been a mentor, I have been involved in the prison ministry at my church, and the only reasons these volunteer endeavors have been put on hold is because I am in the last phases of completing my criminal justice degree at University of Maryland. I say all of this to say – BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Love people, reach out, and if you see someone like Tron Johnson looking hopeless… say hello, take the time to talk to him. As a life long Prince George’s County resident – that is what I have to say to you all… For the people who do this – God bless you, I am inspired. For those who have this “US vs. THEM” black people vs. n*****, those bad bad ppl. attitude” but don’t serve the community to effect change – BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Reach out to someone today. Pray for them, and talk to them like human beings. You never know what someone may be going through, and one person’s problem will eventually become everyone’s problem. God Bless the families of the victims – may God rest their souls.

  15. For the person that asked about his parents….his father died a couple of yrs ago..and his mom was never really there

  16. Well well well the chickens have come home to roost. Unfortunately I go to the Blvd almost every week because my barber is located there and while I have never experienced or seen anything negative, I hear about them there. A few weeks ago a stylist at the salon was arguing with her boyfriend in back of the technicolor salon. When the security guard rolled up on them the boyfriend pulled out a gun and threatned his life. This security guard was just doing his job and trying to breakup a domestic dispute and almost lost his life. There are some serious issues that the African American community need to address cause it is headed downward quickly.
    BTW I didn’t see Al or Jesse show up at Blvd to protest all the violence that goes on there.

  17. Mista:

    It’s not up to Al and Jessie; it’s up to us.

  18. Remember: Low quality surrounding breed low quality people. No matter what racial or ethnic background, be it DC, Largo, Brooklyn, or LA – low-end stores bring in the low-end humans. The morons who talked Magic Johnson into investing never told him that HIGH-END stores and restaurants would attract better patrons, thus better security. Shootings and fights have happened at the BLVD before – it’s only getting worse.
    Having police presence only standing around the theater on busy weekends (looking at young T&A) is total BS. Having cameras surrounding the theater and still having auto break-ins is sad.
    How much money does it take to have PG police cars with officers in them at the major points of exit to show a force of strength?
    When a 15 yrs old girl is taken in the woods and raped behind the theater, then MAYBE some CHANGE will occur.

  19. Native Son,

    His dad died a few years ago and his mother is out there chasing that stuff. The streets raised him and we should all be ashamed when we see young brothers out there in need, and we say/do nothing. Whatever happend to “It takes a villiage . . .

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