15 y/o gets 60 years in prison


This story came out last year and I knew nothing about it.  At the time of the incident Sherman Burnett, Jr. was only 13 years old.  He attacked and raped a 6 year old.  He beat her so badly that he tore her ear off. 

Something happened to this little boy and I suspect it has something to do with his home life.  While Sherman Jr. was in jail awaiting trial, Sherman Sr.  was also in jail on drug charges. 

Being a parent is one of the most important responsibilties that an adult will ever have to manage. When you screw up as an adult it affects your children.   How can a child do this? what was his home life like? 

And the poor 6 ear old girl who endured this violent attack.  I am glad that she is recovering well and I hope this won’t haunt her for the rest of her life.

Sherman Burnett jr. received the following sentence:

20 years for assault,

20 years for kidnapping,

10 years for sodomy, and

10 years for attempted sodomy.

He will eligible for parole when he is 66 years old

Blog world:

Is this sentence fair?

There are people who get less time for murder; why is that? (And I ask this question because I really don’t know.  Are there any lawyers out there who can answer this one?)

I only wish they could investigate his parents to see what in the hell was going on in the household.


32 Responses

  1. I’ve spoken on this before. If hell were a physical place on Earth, he should go. He was a serial killing in the making. >Muah< Goodbye!

  2. Judging strictly by the numbers and the fac that Missouri is a “voluntary” sentencing guidelines state, I would argue that he got more time because he had 4 separate charges. Four separate charges meant that there were 4 separate sentencing guideline minimums & maximums to consider. Opposingly, if someone was only charged with murder, there would only be 1 charge (mins & maxes) to consider. And if I read it correctly, the min & max for a capital murder charge (for example) is 30 years.

  3. What a tragedy! I’m sick!

  4. If this kid is this much of a sociopath right now, I don’t think he should EVER get out of prison.

    We need to find out HOW he got that way.

  5. let me guess…michael baisden and sharpton will get behind this boy to get his sentenced shortened… because the DA’s office threw the book at him.

    or it isn’t his faught

  6. WOW! 60 yrs. isn’t enough . . . that little girl was 6 years old. . . i can only imagine what she is and will go through. . . .lock his ass up and throw away the key! and while you’r e at it, find the parents–what the hell went wrong in this family (besdies the usual)?

  7. Gioperation,

    No, I don’t think that you will see or Michael Baisden or Sharpton opposing this sentence. They only stand up when the system is clearly unjust. This is a case of justice served for this young girl!

  8. 60 years is to much for a kid. all of you who say that its fair, go try and do 60 days. I bet you will have a different perspective then.

  9. I bet most people in here don’t have the mangled psychology of this boy (i hope). So, we won’t be going to jail any time soon, for something like that anyway.

    Last I knew, prison wasn’t supposed to be nice, so he’ll fit in just fine- don’t worry! : )

  10. I don’t know about America but in Canada I found sentences are shorter. Honestly, this was a sick act and this kid needs help. This case should also be investigated more thoroughly to look at the reasons for why he did what he did but to me 60 years is too much.

    First of all I don’t think people realize how long 60 years really is – it’s a long time. The judical system [and its jails] are designed not to lock away people but to help them think about what they did. So they may one day recover and return to society as a functioning member of it.

    Next, despite the disguisting crime people who have committed murder have gotten less. I’m sure any one can back up this claim.

    Finally, he was only 13. That’s grade 6-8. Maybe he had problems at home. Now he’s in jail until he’s 60 for some stupid thing he did as a child. We all do things we regret, sure its not up to his magnitude, but we learn from it and move on. People are dynamic. We, and he, are not the same person we are today [I’m 20] as when we were when 13. In my 7 years since 13 I have learned alot and changed as a person greatly and I guarantee I will continue to do so. And to me this kid will continue to regret, hopefully, his crime and if he does and is a good jail guy then personally I think he should be out by age 40-50.

    Sorry if my thoughts were a bit incoherent. Thanks.

  11. Dear God , please continue to bless that young girl in a mighty way, continue to heal her heart ,mind ,body, spirit and soul. But not just her, bless her family to be strong for her. Please bless that young man who allowed satan to influence him, Father , I plead the blood of Jesus for our children , satan is using children to destroy children.( future to destroy future) Father prayers are what have kept my generation and prayers are whats going to cover the next generation and future generations to come. Please people let’s P.U.S.H – . PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS, BUT DON’T JUST STOP WHEN THAT CHANGE COMES , WE MUST CONTINUE to pray for our grand children, great grand children, great great grandchildren and so on. Father hear are prayers, You said in your word that you would not leave nor forsake us, I plead the blood of Jesus on behalf of our children’s futures. Parents have faith, and believe That God an do anything but fail.

  12. Was Sherman’s sentensing fair? Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!

    Here we have a boy who was 13 at the time when he committed the savage violent sex act and all that happened to him is that he was mercilessly throw in prison where he may end up spending the rest of his childhood and most of his adult life!!!!

    Ok, the horrible crime that he committed was unjust, but just because his victim had recommended that he serve that time, it doesn’t mean that he should!! He’s still a child, and most children at times, don’t think rationally before they maim and nearly kill someone!!!

    I’ve heard that even adults get much lest time for a similar violent act!!! Had the girl not thrown the rock at him, then she would not have been attacked like that.

    Sherman should be exonerated and then rehabilitated in a program, fairly enough. Whatever happened to chilvary? The system is broken and it definitely needs to be fixed!!!!!!

  13. Malik, wake up. Chivalry??? Last time I checked that was holding a door open for someone, not kidnapping, raping, beating and left to die. He got what he deserved. When I was 13 I already had a job. Get real. The victim will still have scars after 60 years.

  14. What I’m tripping on is how in the hell did this boy get like this. Who caused him to become a promiscuous
    sex-crazed monster in the 1st place?

    i also agree that someone of something at home triggered this kid to become the person that he is now.

    Most 13-year-old boys I know are either into sports, video games, computers and bike riding or skateboarding. Not Sherman.

    Also, I agree that adults who do the same thing Sherman did DO gat far less jail time that Sherman has gotten. He was NEVER sent to be evaluated first before the judge had sentensed him!

    Hopefully, under recommendation of his lawyer, he can get less time for Sherman provided that he enter a rehab program – one that will detain him during treatment so that he won’t offend and harm anyone else.

    I don’t think he’ll spend that amount of time in jail. I just don’t see it. He IS entitled to get appeals. Time will tell.


  15. Get real? i AM real!

    Remember Lionel Tate and Nathaniel Abraham?

    They were both tried, convicted and sentensed for murcilessly killing innocent peolpe, yet they were both
    exonerated a few years later.

    but they both also violated their parole too many times and was put back in jail!

    Now why can’t, or better yet, why SHOULDN’T Sherman be exonerated and given a chance to to rehabbed to see if he can be treated and cured? Hmm?

    You want to talak about fairness, hey? Why were Lionel and Nathaniel allowed to walk and not Sherman?

    Even though Sherman nearly murdered the girl, the other two boys ACTUALLY DID purposely murder!! Two wrongs don’t make it right.


  16. Thank you, SD!

    As I stated above, two boys MURDERED a little girl and a young adult.

    They got way less time than Sherman. They are grown men now, but are STILL acting up and back in the slammer.

    Why should Sherman be treated so harshly than two men who murdered two innocent people when they were at or near Sherman’s age, get out, screw up too many times and are inprisoned again?

    Yes, I still have hope and sympathy for them as well, but you don’t let two boys walk out of jail in hopes that they might straighten up and fly right, then keep another boy in jail for 60 years with no chance to get out until he almost reaches his senior years!

    That, to me, doesn’t make any sense at all!!


  17. Hey Malik…

    any boy that fulfills an act such as this is NO LONGER A CHILD in the mind. His psycopathy has him past a point most adults don’t venture into.

  18. Yeah, it is so sad to hear that our society has fallen prey to boys like this.

    The judge did that to him to make sure that he won’t be let go soon enough to re-offend.

    But like two other boys who actually DID re-offend, they were both thrown back in prison and given 30 years.

    That is STILL shorter than the sentense Sherman was

    It’s just not fair!!! Two boys who murdered innocent people and who were originally previously sentensed to life now get only 30 years?!!

    The system is broken and needs to be fixed!!

  19. Sure, let’s put them away ’til they rot, too : )

  20. They can’t abuse him or subject him to any type of torture, or they’ll be held liable.

    Don’t forget, he’s still a human being in spite of the horrible crime that he committed.

    And I bet you that he won’t be in there thet whole 60 years! He’ll get out and into a liv-in rehab place.

    His lawyer WILL NOT stop trying to get him out.



  22. …and your point? – do you know him so well? That is someone’s daughter, sister, best friend, yatta yatta yatta.

  23. Well, I’m not putting him down at all.

    Actually, I feel for him as I have all along. It’s just so unfortunate that he ended up this way.

    And it doesn’t sound like much help came from his parents either at all!! They could have gotten some help for him before it was too late and he commited the violent crime.

  24. this kid needs more time then 60 years its just not enough

  25. What more do you want?

    He’s already serving most of his life there.

  26. Rene, a 9-year-boy shot and killed his dad and his dad’s friend and then he openly admiited that he did it.

    He was 8 at the time he did it. He was mad at his dad for disiplining him.

    What’s you opinion on him? Should he also be sentensed to serve the same amount of time as Sherman? I’m waiting to hear your answer on that one.


  27. women have abortions in their teen and by age 30 they can’t sleep at night after they realize what they did was murder their own child, has anyone stoped to think that maybe this boy was demon possessed these things happen you know, for those who have harsh things to say I hope if the shoe was on the other foot you would feel the same way , if it was your kid or your neice or nephew , may God bless and take care of the little girl and may God bless and take care of this boy in prison as well.

  28. As a matter of fat, I DO have a nephew who was accused of murdering his infant son.

    I believed that he was later exonerated and cleared of the charge.

  29. But as of late, there are young boys as young as only 8. 9, 11 & 12 who have ruthlessly murdered one or both of their parents.

    These are usually young boys who resufe to be disiplined, and so, in raging mad revenge, they just go grab a sun or a rifle and shoot the parentrs to death!

    Just where is the line drawn when it comes to how dangerously violent and vengeful a small child can get when he want to call himself getting even with an adult because he doesn’t like being told what he can’t do?

    You raise your children the best way that you know how without ever hitting them – yet if they do something wrong and are punished for it, the child gets mad at you and he just gets mad enough to kill you! Literally!!

  30. I think all these people are a part of a cyclic behavior that centers need and desire on only the self, and not on the outward impact or supplement of others. unfortunately, from this centrist ideology has spawned some very ugly actions that no one could have predicted.

    i’m not sure what the answer is anymore… we are a damnable specie, like viruses… we deplete w/o restraint. i just don’t want the ones who are particularly harmful to doing what they did again.

  31. Nat,

    as for abortion, that’s a whole other topic altogether. Assuming you’re male, and are monotheistic (based on comment), it is hard to imagine how you can fully understand this phenomenon w/o religious prejudice.

  32. It’s so mind-boggling and crazy – the horror that comes from within when a small child has turned into Frankestien and wants to viciously muder his parents.

    You’d think that small children this young aren’t capable enough of pulling off such a deadly plan. It’s like aguing with a 777 jumbo jetliner barreling down the runway for takeoff!!

    It’s so frightening and frustrating to know that your chances of winning an argument with them stand as much as a snowball’s chance in hell.

    The very chilling fear of a small child getting aboard the bangwagon with his evil plan to kill anyone because they’ve had a run-in with him!!

    Jordan Brown is a perfect example of this. He went way too far and way over the line when he decided to kill his would-be stepmom!!

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