Montel Williams speaks truth to power

I am not sure if Montel Williams  comments on the Fox Network was the reason why his show is being canceled, but I will say that on that day he spoke truth to power!

28 soldiers have died since January 1, one of them that I know off, was living the D.C. metro area and from what the news was reporting, was one of the few remaining members of his family (mom and dad died, no siblings).  The news did a 1 minute blurb on him and that was it. 

The Fox hosts showed their ignorance but it goes beyond them. This is a problem with main stream media news shows.  The war has taken a back seat to Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan.  The Fox host implied that since people have been dying in Iraq since 2003 that it was somehow old news; shows how truly self-absorbed and ignorant some of us are. 

But I can’t solely blame Fox, I blame us, because we are not outraged at the media; some of us only want to be entertained; some of us want to be on joke time 24/7.  They need to let us see some of the footage of the war like they did when we first invaded, so it can stay fresh in our mind.  The youth need to see the coffins rolling off the planes so that they can see what this country is going through. 

I honestly believe that a lot of Americans think like the host of the fox show; that is that death is apart of war so move on……….  Wake up people


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  1. I didn’t watch his show often, but he has all my regards. It sounds just like the machine- to shut you down when you speak out against media-centric tyranny.

  2. “I blame us, because we are not outraged at the media”

    Very interesting point. It says a lot about us as consumers. I wish I could disagree with you, but you’ve cast the spotlight of truth on our own weakness.

    “I honestly believe that a lot of Americans think like the host of the fox show; that is that death is apart of war so move on”

    It’s sad, but the fact that we’ve become desensitized to the war is not a coincidence. The Bush administration’s use of civilian contractors and creative funding of the war (through “supplementals” and via funding of contractor activities through non-DOD agencies) masks the true national “investment” in the war. Some believe, I think, that by “managing” the number of U.S. casualties under an “acceptable” number, the administration was able to avoid public backlash because most Americans haven’t had to sacrifice in any way during the past four years. As you may recall, early on, a decision was made to prohibit the media from taking pictures of coffins arriving in the U.S. from Iraq and Afghanistan. This form of media control, unfortunately, has been effective in minimizing public outrage against the war.

  3. We still have the ability to find out the truth for ourselves… Our mental laziness must be shed now!

  4. I was just thinking the other day how “There is a war going on and has been going on since 2003” and if you watch TV you would never know it. People are more interested in “The Next American Idol” – ” The Super Bowl” – Britney-and on and on.

  5. I often hear my grandparents speak about their lives during World War II, and their experiences were nothing like ours today. In the 1940’s, they said just about everyone had to sacrifice. They had to ration food, clothing, and gas. The big message was to save, not waste. Everyone knew the situation was serious. The big-name stars used their celebrity to support the war effort, not distract people from reality. Today it is totally the opposite. It is very disturbing.

  6. “The big message was to save, not waste. Everyone knew the situation was serious.”

    Could it be that we’re comparing apples to oranges here? In WWII, Korea and in Vietnam, the situation was serious because there was a draft. Able-bodied young men were forced to fight a war, whether they liked it or not. If you’re a young, college-aged male in college today, you’re not worried about Uncle Sam crushing your goals and dreams by drafting you into the military.

    WWII, for example, was a World War. We had been attacked by the Japanese. There was no doubt that we had been attacked, but we all know there is overwhelming doubt (i.e., clear proof) that there were no WMDs in Iraq. More importantly, Iraq didn’t land on us, we landed on Iraq!

    So, today’s war isn’t as high of a priority as the other wars. We are fighting under false pretenses. The kids that are dying are dying because they volunteered to be in the military. There’s no need for collective sacrifice because, collectively, we didn’t want to be in Iraq in the first place. No American is being forced to fight in Iraq.

    Mark my words, if the U.S. institutes a draft, there will be nationwide demonstrations. Young and old will take to the streets to protest the war. Until that day comes, there will be more interest in American Idol than in American Soldier.

    Please note that I am not anti-military. I’m a proud veteran after serving over 11 years of active duty–six of which were overseas. However, once I became uncomfortable with the possibility of fighting against former CIA cronies (e.g., Noriega, Milosevic, Hussein, Bin ladin) I got out (“escaped”) as quickly as possible–think Forrest Gump when they told him his enlistment was over.

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