Kanye West….

Just when you start to have an ounce of compassion for Kanye because of the death of his mother, he opens his big mouth.  Did anyone hear his speech tonight?  He has to be one of the most immature self-centered ignorant artists out there.  And what was he trying to say about Common?  That maybe Common would have won the grammy if his CD did not drop in the same year as his?  It is obvious that he got his arrogance from his parental units (rest in peace to his mother)  but I read some things she said about him a couple of years ago and it was obvious where he got it from…..

I am so glad that Herbie Hancock won Best Album tonight.  Herbie has been around for a long time and is an awesome musician.  I am sure Kanye is pissed right about now….lol


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  1. I found your blog through DJ Black Adam.

    You and I posted about the same topic today! Kanye thinks that he’s the HNIC, when he’s really not.

    He’s gonna eventually get banned from awards show. Then what? “THE KANYE AWARDS” hosted Kanye, with performances by Kanye, produced by Kanye, and all awards won by Kanye? Gimme a Break.

  2. Zackattack, no disrespect, but let’s not forget the ORIGIN of the phrase, “HNIC” and what a “HNIC” really was. Hmmmmmm………………………………….

    While I USED TO like Kanye when he first came out, for awhile now, he’s been doing so many about-faces that I can’t get a consistent vibe on him – one minute he drops some knowledge; the next minute he’s doing dumb $hit like saying that Sisters aren’t beautiful enough for videos, and calling them dogs, and walking around with a blinged-out Michelangeloan “Jesus” around his neck, and rhyming about, “May the ROC live on forever”, and waiting until the END of his acceptance speech to reference his Mama. Reminds me of something that historian Anthony Browder said on one of his tapes, and I’m paraphrasing:

    THEIR view of history is in the reverse, having
    you think that the children came first, followed
    by the Mother.

    All of us were born of a Woman. Maybe I’m being harsh, but take a critical look at Kanye and tell me you don’t see some of the same things I see. Peace.

  3. No disrespect taken, Critical Eye. I’m kinda confused as to why you would preface your statement like that, as if you’re trying to treat me- which you wouldn’t possibly do. Why? Because it’s just a damn blog, and the topic at hand is a crybaby with no sense of self-respect.

    The origin of HNIC is loosely adapted from slavery. Although we weren’t called the n-word then, there was always the black man who thought he ran the joint, when actually he didn’t.

    In my opinion, Kanye DOES think he is the HNIC. However, he is blinded by the illusion of inclusion. A Grammy Award just means that you sold the most records and the best records. It doesn’t mean you have influence, it just means you have recognition.

  4. * We were called nigger. My bad! I got carried away.

  5. Hey Zack:

    Again, I wasn’t trying to disrespect you – basically, I was drawing a correlation between the term HNIC (or more specifically, it’s origins) and some of the recent behavior that Kanye has exhibited.

    In my opinion (and I’ll admit that I could be way off base; I hope that I am), Kanye is starting to turn from a Hip Hop artist into one of them “hip hop” cats that is part of the problem with Hip Hop.

    Again, maybe I’m prejudging and reading too much into what I see, but I cannot and will not tolerate it when ANYONE: a)disses Black Women – he said in an interview that Black Women were the equivalent of mutts in reference to whether or not they were beautiful enough to be in music videos; b)leaves their Mother at the end of their acceptance speech – while it was messed up that the Grammy production crew started playing the music while he was giving a shout-out to his Mom, Kanye should have thanked his Mom much earlier; our Sisters deserve better and have been put to the end, or the back, way too many times; c)This whole infatuation with the Rockefeller family – I can’t get this. What COLLECTIVELY has the Rockefeller done positively for Black people? I don’t know but, look up the following in relation to the Rockefeller name: A)The 1971 Attica Prison riot (specifically who was the governor of NY and how he responded); B)The Rockefeller Institute of Medicine – specifically their involvement in AIDS; C)the many shady connections of the Rockefeller family. I mean, Damn! He might as well name himself MC Cecil Rhodes for all that! It never ceases to amaze the amount of ignorance that flows; D)Kanye’s part on the song, “Classic” – while I will agree that KRS, Rakim, and Nas are Classic Hip Hop artists, why was Kanye on the song? Those three cats have been ripping mics for 10+ years; 20+ years for KRS and Rakim. When Kanye has reached the 20 year mark, then maybe he can be considered as a classic. Until then, he is still a newer artist. Peace.

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