Congrats to Obama on the MD, DC, VA sweep!!


 We did it despite the icy weather, people came out and voted their interests.  I am happy that Obama won in MD, DC and VA.  The war is not over yet; the stakes are higher and everyone is pulling out the stops.  Let’s just be honest, this is a fight over position and power.  And usually people who are use to having power have a hard time letting go of it.

The Clinton campaign is still complaining that Obama has not been asked any tough questions by the media and that for some reason the media is giving Obama a pass.  Could it be that Obama doesn’t have a long standing history of mess like most politicians? 

The Clintons come with years of experience and also baggage.  So what tough questions does the Clinton Campaign want the media to ask Obama that she has not asked or accused him of not answering????  

They can’t ask him about White Water because he was not involved in that and they can’t ask him about Monica Lewinsky.

He has debated Hillary and they have both answered questions and responded to accusations each had made about each other.  So I really equate this to the Clinton campaign is whining.

Now we have another problem; the Super Delegate.  I could not agree more with Donna Brazile’s stance  on the position of the super delegate.  There should be no back room deals, super delegates should vote based on the people.  This may cause a huge rift in the Democratic Party if the super delegates do not vote based on what the people want. 

Another issue that may cause a huge rift in the party is the Michigan and Florida mess.  I am annoyed that Hillary decided to put her name on the ballot knowing that the DNC was penalizing  these two states for changing their primary dates.  Hillary Clinton and Julian Bond, Chair of the NAACP to name a few are attempting to have the delegates seated at the Convention.  I do understand that not having representation at the convention is wrong so there needs to be a new primary for these 2 states, so that the candidates can have an equatable chance.  But what are the chances of that happening?


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  1. This goes to show exactly who is on the Clinton payola. She shouldn’t get anything out of Florida and Mich, except a kick in the a**!

    And you’re right, they are using the race card to shift the vote… In other words, they’re asking “do you white people our there really want a Black man has your president? Do you really want to be a minority demographically and in executive power of the nation? -And your black folks… don’t you remember what we did for you? Do you remember how I (Bill) play the sax, smoked weed and cheated on my wife? -That makes us Clintons blacker than he is!”

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