Who is pulling the race card in this election?

I find it interesting that America has told black people over and over again to stop using the race card, but yet they are the ones who can’t put down the deck…….  Obama has spraked a flare in people of different backgrounds and ethnic groups, but for some reason some people still can not get over the fact that he is black

Gov. ‘Blunt Talk’ Rendell (and other topics)


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  1. The black vote was for Hillary over Barack initially.

    However, during campaigning, Clinton, in essence, stated that BECAUSE Barack is black, he has no chance of winning, just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Therefore, blacks MUST vote for Hillary to have a voice, as if she doesn’t have to EARN the black vote.

    Well, that didn’t go over very well. The Clinton camp’s out right dismissal of Barack’s presidential bid forced the black vote to re-examine options and, after having done so, made an exodus from the arrogance of the Clinton Campaign.

    The Clintons have been dishing the glass ceiling of the race card on Obama for some time now.

    Her camp practically underestimated the audacity of the mere existence of Barack as a viable presidential candidate. How many non-white presidential bids for the White House have ever gotten this far? None. Hillary took “history” for granted, while her presidential bid is just as “historic”.

    What made her think Barack didn’t have as good a chance as her? What made her think that if the American people were ready for a change such as HER, that the American people wouldn’t be just a “ready” for a change such as him?

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