You have got to be kidding me………..


I am still not over Nas and Kelis at the Grammys showing their ignorance and now we have Prince Paul promoting a Bring a White Girl Night. Pay close attention to the flyer and who the DJs for this event are affiliated with… BET/XM and VH-1/XM!! These are the same 2 cable stations that have no problem marginalizing black people on a regular bases; but some us still support these networks by watching their programming.

And now this fool has the nerve to promote this foolishness in honor of Black History Month!!!  How disrespectful to our ancestors is this.  If you want to promote racial harmony, then promote the party and advertise it in all neighborhoods.  There is no need to charge a reduced price because you bring 2 white woman.  How is this honoring black history month? 


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  1. Well… let them tell it white women are a black man’s dream… and unscalable mount! This is an attempt to affirm that black men are desired by what used to be considered the most untouchable group of women in the world.

  2. Prince Paul has been sporting an offbeat-I-don’t-care-sense of humor for a long while. I noticed that the blogosphere has been running with it, but there is nothing actually offensive about it, outside of the fact that you can get a reduced admission if you’re with a white girl.

    Prince Paul is the same guy who came out with the Handsome Boy Modeling School and White People CD back in 2004. It’s just comedy, although I can imagine many people won’t get the “joke” because there isn’t a punchline to understand.

    This is something that folks should ignore but I guess that one person in the blogoshpere mentioned and now many are posting the flyer with their commentary.

    I’m just saying.
    The parties at the Apt. are usually tight!

  3. If there isn’t a punchline then how is a joke? How is it humor? Like I have said many times; some black people find excuses to demean themselves at the expense of themselves

  4. In honor of BHM? What is occurring in the world is we are continuously losing our sensitivity over matters. Sometimes I believe its this case this is plain horrible.

  5. This generation of blacks are too far removed from the hardships of our grandparents to understand purile things like this should not be applauded or tolerated.

  6. Seriously, what particularly is demeaning about the flyer??
    Where’s the psychological harm? Fine, some one is putting white girls on a pedestal. Is black culture or identity being challenge? Are we to ignore how Asians may feel about this flyer? Or Puerto Ricans living in NY? And note, black history month isn’t just about black folks just like the corporate sponsored television shows and commercials say. It’s American history.

    In the end, who is going to take this flyer seriously enough that it warrants notice throughout a number of blogs? I am well versed and understand the plight of the African Diaspora but this flyer is not indicative of the disconnect of generations, there are many examples out there.

    Baffled. The idea of the flyer is stupid but its meaningless.

  7. How other ethnicities feel is inconsequential, as this is targeted to Afro Americans.
    I just know back in my grandmother’s day, this would be unheard of. -Why, because they had too much pride to promote toting white girls to the club like it’s some unthinkable feat. There are better ways to push a party than this tactless tactic. We have been misrepresented for so long by others; how dare we misrepresent ourselves!

    Also, Black History may be a part of “American History”, but this month specifically recognizes our legacy that has been ignored throughout the centuries. Non-black folks I work with still don’t comprehend the significance of our hardships or triumphs. So, please don’t downplay Black History like that.

  8. ^rene,
    If the feelings of other is inconsequential then how will they be able to comprehend the significance of our hardships or triumps. Why would or should they care? Fortunately there are many people that do.

    I think there are a lot of assumption being made with this party. Prince Paul may be the DJ, but not necessarily the sole promoter. What if one of the promoters happens to be in a relationship with a some one who is not African-American? Many people are reacting to how this flyer makes them feel but I do not see how this is misrepresenting the African-American community.

    There is nothing directly offensive or intentionally hurtful about this party.

  9. 1) They should care ’cause we built this place.

    2) Again this is an attempt to affirm that black men are desired by white women, which is still particularly taboo with alot of individuals.

    3) This is a dimwitted way to promote a party, by causing controversy and division.

    I’m done with this, thanks.

  10. 2) “Women of any race, feel free to bring along a white girl.”

    – direct attempt?

  11. If partyt was for everyone; why not just say bring 2 woman you get in for the price of 1? Why bring race into it if it is not racially motivated?

    Once again; some of us have been culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize ourselves and we don’t even know that we are doing it.

  12. Prince Paul’s give-a-shit behavior goes back to Stetasonic, Gravediggaz, HBMS and the weird collabs and CDs he’s put out in between all of that. I don’t think a lot of people here know much about Prince Paul’s history. This is the same guy playing out a skit about a basement racist luring De La Soul members into a BDSM chamber [see the Gold Dust Compilation] and another skit about smoking crack with Biz Markie [see the Gravediggaz compilation]. I don’t put him anywhere near folks like Kool Keith and Esham, though I am reminded of Kool Keith’s contribution to an Ego Trip magazine about his top 10 places to masturbate. He isn’t perpetuating anything or being ignorant of anything. Some people just get offensive and bitch+moan about it. Know the man’s history, and look at albums like Psychoanalysis, A Prince Among Thieves [much respect to Breezely Bruin] and Politics of the Business. You can make an off-kilter statement that doesn’t require a punchline. It is okay for humor about any subject in our society to be conducted in a non-linear, digestible way. Neil Hamburger comes to mind. Sheesh…

  13. I feel you man, I actually will be posting a piece about the Nas situation but from a totally different perspective. You have to take Prince Paul with a grain of salt man, he’s a legend and has a strange sense of humor. Some felt his participation in the white rapper show was appauling but I agree with the above poster you have to know his history. Either way man keep posting your opinions fam, we all have that right.

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