Julian Bond/NAACP not cool….

Now let’s talk about Julian Bond.  Julian Bond wrote a letter to Howard Dean at the DNC urging him to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida, because it is reminiscent of black voters being disenfranchised.

It is so obvious that Bond as well as the NAACP board are Hillary Supporters.  If Bond was so concerned about the minority vote not being counted in Michigan and Florida, why didn’t he or the NAACP bring this issue up last year when the DNC announced that they were not allowing delegates from Michigan and Florida to go to the convention?

The residents of Florida and Michigan knew that they vote was not going to count, so who is Bond really trying to protect?  Connect the dots and you will come to the conclusion that Julian Bond and most of the board members of the NAACP are Clinton supporters. 

Even Al Sharpton  is sounding off saying that seating the Michigan and Florida delegates would not be fair; because many voters did not vote because they were told that delegates would not be seating at the convention.  Yes Al Sharpton is siding against Julian Bond and the NAACP…. lol

In my opinion, The Clinton campaign thought that after Super Tuesday that Hillary would have this election in her back pocket, but it backfired, which is why she replaced her campaign manager.  They see her lead slipping away, so her supporters and pulling all the stops out to slow Obama’s momentum down.  Who does Bond think he is fooling? 

What do you think about both issues; Tavis Smiley and Julian Bond/NAACP?


5 Responses

  1. The NAACP is outdated and irrelevant, so Bond’s actions do not surprise me.

  2. On a slightly related note, I’m still trying to figure out why the NAACP selected DL Hughley to host the Image Awards after his comments on the Rutgers team.

  3. LAC:

    AMEN!!!! you know I am going to blog about that in a few minutes. There were many many things wrong with the NAACP Image awards last night.

  4. I didn’t watch the awards, but I will say that Bond and Smiley are acting like Billary’s housepets these days.

  5. She has paid enough folks off, but i think once in the booth, she wont get his vote

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