Justice says Waterboarding not legal

Okay, what next?  Who is to blame and what can be done to hold those persons responsible for waterboarding?

Justice Dept: Waterboarding not legal 


10 Responses

  1. Nothing – the Justice Dept. actually said that waterboarding is no longer legal (actually quasi-legal since it just hadn’t been specifically prohibited by defining it legally as torture)

  2. that’s what I was afraid of

  3. A very big mistake by prohibiting this. All I can say it is utter BS.

  4. I came back to add to this post. If methods are used by our military or other agencies to extract information that will save U.S. lives, or prevents another cowardly attack by these sons of dogs fighting against us, then so be it. This is not a conventional war. Having said that all bets are off when it comes to hunting down Bin Laden and the zealots that follow him.

    Personally, I do not consider this cruel or unusual torture. What the hell do you think they did when they flew those planes into the twin towers. This was not only cruel and unusual, it was cowardly.

    When these sons of bitches start waging battle in our cozy little suburban communities, the voices opposing these measures are going to ask “What in the hell happen?”

    That’s about all I have to offer – at the moment.

    Thanks for the opportunity to sound off.

  5. What’s necessary about making someone feel like he’s about to drown? What’s to be said about hanging someone from a tree, by the hands, for days, cutting them off after gangrening, then finding out you had the wrong guy? You’re free to go.. sorry about dem hands!

    First: Sept 11th was domestically sponsored terror.

    Second: Amerikkka, you get what you give, please believe that. So don’t be puling when they ‘knap some of ours and do it to them.

  6. Rene, water boarding someone that you have captured in battle is far different than having an innocent convicted in our judicial system and sentenced to death; only to be exonerated years later, then released.

    You are comparing apples to oranges – as is typical for most bleeding heart liberals.

  7. Rene, September 11th was a domestically sponsored act of terrorism – you say? You are an idiot.

    Just as I suspected, one of those conspiracy buffs that always is looking for something else as an explanation. Do you realize the number of people it would require to pull of the nonsense you allege?

    Shessh! The world is full of freakin’ morons.

  8. Keep your insults to your freaking self… did I attack you, as much as I disagree? No, so shove that sh^t.

    Moron.. takes one to know.
    -And since you are such a virtuoso, please explain why you think I’m incorrect instead of acting like a child.

  9. Never claimed to be a virtuoso. Takes one to know? Sounds like something my 3rd grader would say.

    If you have something substantive to offer, then I may be inclined to engage you on some level of intelligible discourse. However, when you start running off at the mouth about these combatants rights that have been water boarded, you need to be reminded these are the same people that would just as soon slit your throat than look at you. They are zealots promoting a Jihad not only against the U.S., but an agenda of a world dominated Muslim belief. NO THANK YOU!

    Get your shit together or grab a weapon and take your liberal ass to Afghanistan or Iraq, and see first-hand what the hell is going on.

  10. Hawk,

    I know what infomation this quasi-republic/corporative machine has to offer on these people. I choose to look beyond the surface.

    Again, you are tossing insults around needlessly, but I will take them as a compliment : ) Thank you!

    Most important, you are addressing a former U.S. Marine, whose served in the war and other areas of the globe, as a 4641. -Look that up if you don’t know what it is.

    Lastly, take your pompous ass back to bed, and shut the f^ck up. I will no longer dignify you until you learn to ask questions.

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