Duke Lacrosse Players file suit

As I understand why the Duke Lacrosse  young men are filing suit, and they should sue the hell out of Duke, by why are they having a press conference? 

For a year these young men went through a lot, but they were not convicted and they did no jail time.  Every year, we hear of people who are released from prison after serving 10, 15, 20 years for crimes they did not commit.  A lot of these men who are released, are black men.  These men get 2 minutes of air time, then we forget about them.  

During the press conference, the attorneys said they have created a website for the Duke Lacrosse players law suit.  Then they had reporters in the audience and via telephone.  Wow, what a difference money and class makes when you are falsely accused of a crime.  Like I said before, these young men were wronged, and I hope that thse young men can get justice from this suit, but was this press conference at the Washington Press Club really necessary?  What do you guys think?


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  1. Native–you’re exactly right. To be fair to the Duke players, they were found innocent of any charges and suffered through huge prosecutorial misconduct. However, people routinely forget about the hundreds of men who have been jailed for 10-25 years for crimes they didn’t commit. No one seems to care about them, even though they also suffered injustices. Earl Washington Jr. of Virginia is a perfect example of our flawed criminal justice system. The state court system finally awarded him a $1.9 million settlement last year for being wrongly imprisoned. He was a mildly retarded man who was forced into confessing a crime he did not commit, spending 17 years in prison (1983-2000). The family of the detective who manipulated him refused to apologize. Washington was literally days away from lethal injection in the early 1990s when his sentence was commuted to life in prison. There are so many black men in similar situations who have been ignored and marginalized by their own government, and they usually just get a bus pass and are told to start a new life. How are they supposed to do this without any financial assistance or initial government help, when they were wronged? They never get apologies for being forced to spend years away from their families and friends, and yet the media continues to focus on the Duke “injustices”. What no one fails to mention is that these boys lacked judgment in their decisions. They shouldn’t have to pay for crimes they didn’t commit, but those boys really should have exercised better judgment. Did they need a stripper in the first place? Why was there underage drinking going on, and why did they take some of those really tasteless photos of the stripper on the ground?

    The media should focus more on the innocent men who were rounded up and sat in jail due to our broken judicial system, which racism played and still plays some role in verdicts. I remember two years ago in Virginia, a man was mistaken for someone else, and was placed in jail for theft for nearly three weeks before they bothered to find out they had the wrong guy. This man was black. When they actually found the real suspect, who was white, he only got probation. When race was brought into the discussion, people say it had nothing to do with it, but clearly that wasn’t the case!

  2. This conference is to say “Hey America! Look at how you tried to send us prestine college white boys to jail. We come from good stock and old money, and we will not live this down with ease. It’s not us you should be paranoid about; it’s THEM.”

  3. If the Duke players were smart, they would not continue to put themselves in the public eye they way they do. They may even be opening themselves up to further investigation. These men are not so pristine, and someone may dig up something worse than the situation with the stripper.

  4. I don’t think race has anything to do with it. A common legal strategy is to not only try the lawsuit in a court of equity, but to also try the case in the court of public opinion. The players’ counsel seeks to increase the public relations pressure on Duke University so that Duke will want to come to the negotiations table ready to settle.

    Let’s stop being so naive to think that the so-called evil white man and the scourge of racism is behind every daily event.

  5. Afripino,

    Even if what you say is the case, most will still view it as what I stated before. -Just the reality of it all.

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