Presidential Debate

Did anyone see the debate last night?  At the beginning, Hillary was acting like a child, but she kind of pulled it together by the end.  Both candidates dodged a few questions, and talked around the issues but they end up bringing it together.  I was disappointed that no questions were asked about how to curb the increase in gas prices, people loosing their homes, immmigration and New Orleans.  New Orleans is still a mess regardless if the downtown area is back in business, people are still living in FEMA trailers and crime is still an issue.

The question that most people, especially on black news talk radio will discuss is Tim Russert’s question about Minister Farrakhan.

Many people from the Nation called the Joe Madison this morning and stated that Farrakhan did not endorse Obama. They stated that Farrakhan said that he is not endorsing either candidate, but thought very highly of the Obama and America needs him to bring the country and the world together. 

I think Minister Farrakhan knew that if he endorsed Obama, that the media would use his endorsement to attack Obama; but it appears that the media still used the Minister’s statements to back Obama into a corner. 

I find it interesting that Tim Russert would ask Obama about Farrakhan, when Tim Russert has had the Minister on his show several times.  If Farrakhan was such a bad person, why did Tim have him on his show?  I am not Muslim or apart of the Nation; and I know that Farrakhan in the past, has made negative remarks against Judaism but he has addressed these issues on talk shows and I thought that was a thing of the past.

Why is it when one black person takes a stand or makes comments, main stream America tries to hold every black person accountable for what that one person said?  If the media would have asked the Minister to clarify what he said about Obama, they would have found out that he did not endorse Obama.

Every 8 months or so, Pat Robertson says some of the most ignorant hateful things including making threats that God is going to destroy towns and kill people; and main stream America doesn’t ask republicans or white conservatives to take a stand on Pat Roberts.

My point is if their is going to be a set of standards, than it should be applied across the board; you can not pick and choose who to apply the standards to. 

What did you think about the debates last night?


3 Responses

  1. I saw parts of the debate and I must say that Hillary is losing momentum.

    You made an excellent point about the double standard of religious leaders and their public portrayals. Farrakhan is treated like a hateful man while others are given the green light to free speech.

    Obama still has to work hard, though. After Hillary, there is McCain.

  2. I think you are right–the questions surrounding Louis Farrakhan really didn’t belong in the debate. I get really annoyed when the moderators ask questions that really aren’t necessary. I remember in the South Carolina debate, someone raised the point about Bill Clinton (and this first “black” President label he has) and Obama replied by saying something about his dancing skills. I thought the question was ridiculous and while Obama made people laugh, I thought the dialogue was so sophomoric for a nationally-televised debate. It also gave a national stage to unleash a tired sterotype about black people always being good dancers…I know a lot of people who can’t dance of all races.

    Getting back to Farrakhan…most people don’t care what he thinks, and if they do, they will form their own opinons anyway. When David Duke has endorsed Republicans, they will sometimes say they don’t want that type of support, but if Duke likes the candidate, that’s his choice. Are candidates supposed to call a person that the public dislikes and tell that individual to rescind their support? Why do people even care? Farrakhan didn’t even give an official endorsement this time–it was just a notation of how Obama could unite the country.

    I feel like America really does a disservice to its citizens when they act as though we can’t handle the tough issues and the big questions. Katrina recovery efforts should have been a priority in the debate, along with a real dialogue about health care…and not these kiddie rants I hear from the Clinton campaign. I also would like to hear about why the Democrats will not support limited voucher programs for mostly black children who are trapped in poor school environments. While I have not supported many of her campaign messages, Hillary Clinton has a firm grasp of the issues affecting out country. However, Barack Obama also has the same perspectives on the issues affecting this country. However, the media often chooses to focus on less important things.

    Conservatives are now going after Michelle Obama, and Bill O’Reilly even used the word “lynching” to associate the barrage of criticism against her. He said he didn’t mean to offend anyone, but I never heard those words used towards any of the other would-be First Ladies. Her words were taken out of context to make her into something she is not, and the media has not called anyone out on that.

    You are right–the double standard in the religious world is galling, especially since these are supposed to be “moral leaders”.

  3. Very well said Native Son,
    I would also like to add that Israel needs Hilary in office in order for them to continue their agenda.
    What a lot of peaple do not discuss is that their are two types of Jewish people in this country. There are those that worked and walked with black people even went against their own. Then there are the ones who control what is said , written brought to light, even what religion we should choose(Chrisianity, they gave that to us according to Larry king) These are the same ones who supported Hitlers- (Hilary hmm) war

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