I read this on the Washingtonpost.com.  The Battle That Clinton Didn’t Expect

In other news, Rush Limbaugh (the pill pusher) is urging his listeners to cross party lines and vote for Hillary in TX so that the Democrats can continue to pick each other apart.  Limbaugh’s comments would be a great soundbite for the Obama campaign.  The Obama camp should use it against Clinton and McCain. 


4 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t validate Rush Limbaugh at all, besides I think that he would only be preaching to the choir.

    Strategically there is no reason to introduce Limbaugh’s name in this election race. He’s old news, his divisive tactics are well known. The Democratic Party needs to steer clear of him at all cost.

  2. Man, stuff like that. All I can say is, I am voting for Barak, and if Hillary wins the nomination for the Democrats, I will vote for McCain.

  3. McCain??
    McCain doesn’t have a clue on the economy and who knows what he will do with the War.

    I would go with an independent option. Besides, Hilary’s position on the issues does not stray too far from Obama’s position.

  4. Barack should run as an Independent if he doesn’t get the nom.

    -Let’s see how red Hillary’s face gets then! ^_^

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