Keith Olberman

Keith took the words right out of my mouth.  Isn’t it interesting how main stream America often accuses African Americans of pulling the race card; but when they do it, it’s ok?  The Obama camp didn’t bring race into the primaries; Clinton along with others in main stream America started this. 

In this country, we have been culturally conditioned to underestimate, undervalue and marginalize people of color; and Ferraro’s comments serve as a gleaming example of this.  

I also find it interesting that Hillary’s website has an issues column that gives her views; and one of the tabs says “A Champion for Woman”  Why is it ok for Clinton to be a champion for woman, but Obama can’t openly say he is a champion for black people? 

Just because Clinton is fighting to be a champion for woman doesn’t mean that she is not supportive of men; and if Obama had declared that he was a champion for African Americans, that would not mean that he wasn’t supportive of other races of people.  I guarantee if Obama made that statement, America would go into a frenzy.  They would cry reverse racism just like Ferraro did; it’s all about cultural conditioning folks.

Keith Olberman sets it off in this video clip; hats off to him for being one of the few media people to tell the truth.  When will the rest of main stream America get it?  You can not have 2 sets of standards.  Main stream America can not set a standard and then pick and choose who or what is to be measured by the standard.  The same standard must be applied across the board for everyone. 

Keith Olberman video-clip 

Here is what a buddy of mine had to say about this issue:

I like watching his show and Dan Abrams.

I agree that the Democrats are self destructing themselves, however, this Ferraro flap is over blown.  There are many blacks, like me, who feel that if Barack were white he wouldn’t be where he is in the campaign.  People are fascinating with making history.  But you know the old double standard.

And here is my response to him:

Even though many feel that way about Obama still doesn’t make it right.  That state of thinking still has an underlying meaning and perception of underestimating and marginalizing black people.  You have to ask yourself why some people (black and white) feel like Obama is so different? 

This goes back to what Senator Joe Biden said last year about Obama.  He said that Obama was clean cut and articulate.  Of course there is nothing wrong with being clean cut or articulate, but the underlying message by his statement is: wow Obama speaks and acts like me; and you just don’t find black people who act like that.  Biden may not have meant any harm, but it is apart of cultural conditioning.  Obama was educated in this country, at an Ivy League institution like Hillary, and I never heard anyone make a big deal that Hillary is articulate; and they don’t because it is expected that people on her level of profession act that way; Obama is no different.

So the notion that there is nothing wrong with what Ferraro said and has repeatedly said throughout the years about black candidates (Jessie Jackson Presidential run), even if people (black and white) agree with her comments doesn’t validate or make them acceptable.  Though I don;t agree with everything Dr. Francis Welsing says, this is true: 

In this country we have been culturally conditioned to underestimated, undervalued and marginalized.


3 Responses

  1. Olbermann just wants black viewers. I finally saw the overhyped, overly dramatic video of his plea to Clinton today and I was not impressed.

    While his material was well researched, it seemed crafted to make black Oba-maniacs turn the channel to his show.

    Olbermann’s no friend of the black community. He’s an opportunist.

  2. Hey, Obermann seems to one of the few who are fighting for Obama in the media…at least where I live. That Juan Williams of fox news is the one you should look at. He’s black and STILL doesn’t seem to “get” it. He’s an idiot!

  3. Zack: Call it what you want, but his point was well taken. Everyone in media is looking for an audience

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