Obama’s speech

Today Obama took a step that some considered risky; commenting on race in America. Obama not only made this speech, he attempted to cover the whole spectrum of race in America in 30 minutes; he did a damn good job. 

I’m sure many of you heard Obama address his pastors comments today.  He put it out there; some in main stream America have all ready started blasting him for saying that he could no abandon his Pastor.  Obama stated that he did not agree with some of his pastors views and he denounced them. 

When Pat Robertson or one of the other white evangelical pastors make ignorant comments or even death threats; America doesn’t ask republicans and/or conservatives in government to denounce or disown these ministers. 

I guess my frustration comes from some of the comments viewers left on CNN.  America is fine until the issue of race comes up and out of fear and ignorance, some people in main stream America panic and in return start stereotyping all black people. 

Did Obama’s speech help or hurt his campaign?

Joe Madison handled his business on Hard Ball against Pat Buchanan


4 Responses

  1. Speaking from UK, it will build slowly as people have time to digest his words as long the right wing media don’t get in there first to try and dissuade the viewer.

    I still have hope.

  2. Winslie:

    I still have hope too. Obama has tried his best to run a campaign based on the issues that this country faces, but between the Right-Wing and some in the Clinton camp, have made it impossible. Then when he addresses the issue of race in a very objective way main stream America can’t take it.

  3. Whether it hurts his campaign or not, I’m proud of him. I suspect that a lot of his political enemies thought that they had him in the box. Specifically, they viewed this a no-win situation for Obama. If he accepted his preacher’s comments as being OK, he would lose the so-called patriotic white vote. If he completely through a preacher (in this instance, a de facto representative of the so-called black church) he would alienate blacks.

    What did Obama do? He came out and spoke the truth. People may act upon their emotions and perceptions in different ways, but you cannot deny that race is a factor in our lives. For some it can be a major, distorted factor. For others, it can be a minor irritant. Mr. Obama acknowledged the range of emotions while highlighting the beauty of the possibilities.

    For campaign purposes, I think he expressed himself in a way that will make Billary look like a fool if she tries to be too aggressive in raising the preacher issue in the coming weeks.

  4. His speech did neither.

    It was more of a damage control speech for his guilt by association to the Reverend.

    I feel like a hater because his speech was manufactured and sounded like Clinton’s people wrote it. I wanted him to be real and say, “I’m a black man and I understand where this ‘anger’ is coming from. I joined my church at a time where I felt that way- as presented in my book”.

    But he didn’t. He tried to play Fred Douglas or WEB Dubois, and ended up sounding like Terrell Owens. “It’s not ferr…that’s my pastor…that’s my play uncle….and if you all do that…it’s really not ferr”

    LOL! Bro. Brown, you know I love your blog. And don’t take my comments out of context. We already know what happens to a black man when his comments are misinterpreted. 😉

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