Condi and the State Department have some explaining to do

It appears that some contractors that work for the State Department went into passport files of Obama, Clinton and McCain.  For Obama, they went into his file not once, but three times!  Now Fox News TV personalities are claiming that the Obama campaign is using this incident to avoid the Wright controversy.  What they don’t understand is that Obama said what he had to say and now he is moving on with the campaign. 

Speaking of Bishop Wright, here is an interesting picture.  I wonder if main stream America will ask the Clintons to denounce Wright?

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has decided to endorse Obama. 


3 Responses

  1. That last tidbit is big news. Do you know how many more votes this will bring in for Barack from the Latin demographic?

  2. Now, out-of-nowhere, news is that Billary and McCain’s passport were compromised too.

  3. yep, and u know she knows whats going on, she an alabama country girl

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