T.I. must speak to at risk kids

Under a plea agreement, T.I.was given a year a prison, but he must first fulfill a 1,000 hour requirement to speak to at-risk kids.  I hope that the youth in the hood won’t look at him as some type of hero since he is a celebrity.  We know that when some of our hip-hop artists go to jail or get in trouble wit hthe law; some in our community consider it a badge of honor. 

Do you think he is getting off too easy? Will his community service speeches be sincere, or will he continue to engage in illegal activity? What are your thoughts?


2 Responses

  1. Children are not stupid. They know it was a plea and more than heeding any hollow warnings, they will see this as just another way to see a celebrity.

  2. I agree with swandiver…a little bit.

    I honestly feel that the guy is somewhat contrite about his actions. But the court should have ordered him to break ties with his street buddies. However, Bro. Clifford’s got to make that decision himself.
    That’s where his real sincerity comes in. He has to become a good role model in the company that he keeps.


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