Baltimore Student Jumps Teacher; Video uploaded on Myspace

A Baltimore 10th grader  attacked her art teacher, while students gathered around cheering her on.  They even taped it through their cell phone and posted it on a myspace page.  The Mayor has requested that more be done to enhance security in the schools; but she is missing the point.  The parents of all of these students need to penalized along with their disruptive ignorant children.  When will we learn that children are a reflection of their parents.  For these children to act out in this way proves that the parents did not doing their jobs. 

Here is the teacher Jolita Berry on the Today Show  What is more annoying is the Principal’s response… truly amazing


2 Responses

  1. Can the teacher sue? The attacker and her parents need to be brought up on assault charges. The teacher could’ve been seriously injured or killed.

  2. Unbelieveable.

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