Baltimore teacher gets jumped by student; experts blame teacher

This article really ticked me off (Attack on city teacher highlights training gaps; Educators lack skills to defuse clashes, some say).  Sometimes I wonder if these “experts” have recently taught in a classroom.  They blame the teacher for not defusing a rowdy disrespectful child?  I find it interesting that not once did these experts in the article hold the parents responsible for not properly raising their children. 

Teachers are trained to teach; they should not be held responsible for children who are not being raised at home by stable minded parents.  The only training a teacher needed in the case of Jolita Berry, was exactly what she did.  The student did something she was not supposed to do.  Ms. Berry instructed the student to do the right thing; the child did not comply; the student needs to be penalized and held accountable for not following directions; THE END.

Instead of officials meeting to discuss training classes for teachers, they need to discuss how to hold these ignorant parents resposible when they don’t teach their children to respect teachers. 


One Response

  1. Now if the teacher had defended herself, and subdued the student by physical means, then these “experts” would’ve criticized the teacher for using force against a child.

    Teachers can’t win these days.

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