The Second Chance Act

If you are like me, you believe that people who commit crimes should do the time.  but what happens once criminals do the time?  What happens when they are released back into society?  Many of them can not find jobs because they have a record.  America has to face reality; we can not turn our back on people who have served their sentences. The Second Chance Act , hopefully will help give a second chance to people who have paid their debit to society and want to rejoin the general population.  Do you think this is a good bill?  Or do you think that this is another way of giving a handout to people who should not have committed crimes in the first place?


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  1. Two weeks ago, the Independent Lens tv show on public tv aired a film about the Second Chance Act. Ex convicts managed the program in HArlem(there’s a dozen in the U.S.) and it was obvious that these men and women were committed to building meaningful and successful lives as part of the community. The film depicted the great challenges of sobriety and discipline required to interact in an 8-5 routine on moderate salaries. Rep Danny Davis from Illinois sponsored the bill and I think that George W. Bush signed both bills, most recently last week. THe Pres even made a comment that he understood a bit because he used to drink, and also stated during the signing of the bill that “we’re not against you, we want to give you support”
    Yes, to me, it makes sense to provide some support with a well structured program because “belonging and purpose” when found, have alot of power to keep people putting their best feet going.

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