Bob Johnson agrees with Ferraro’s Obama comments

What is wrong with Bob Johnson?  What was Hillary Clinton promised to Mr. Johnson that would prompt him to cosign  the ignorant comments made by Ferraro?  I want to think that Clinton has promised him all of the world’s riches.  Then I thought to myself that couldn’t be it, because well he is all ready a billionaire.  I do not want to assume that he really believes that the only reason Obama is getting support from black people is simply because he black.  Here’s why;

When Obama first announced his candidacy black people were skeptical and in my opinion overly cautious of him.  Most black people were supporting Clinton.  Then when Obama started to present his position and his message; black folk start slowly supporting him.  So Bob Johnson and Geraldine Ferraro are incorrect and ignorant in their assumptions. 

If Lieberman was running for President, and he was getting support from the Jewish community, would Ferraro or Johnson make those comments about him? 

If Bill Richardson was still in the race and was getting the majority Hispanic vote, would Johnson or Ferraro make the same comments about him?

I will say this again; support a candidate because you believe in what they are saying; and if they happen to be black then so be it.  Hillary Clinton should remove herself from Johnson just as Ferraro had to step down from her campaign.

Bob Johnson has proved time after time that his more concerned about the size of his wallet and not about his own people.  We have only to look at B.E.T. to understand that.  Johnson is the biggest misogynist pimp of negaitve images of black people.  Johnson has made hundreds of millions of dollars off of exploiting black people.  So it does not surprise me that he would make these type of comments. 


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