Prince George’s County this week

I just read this in the Post this morning; ATV rider killed in Clinton; another senseless murder.

District Heights Man Guilty Of Murder in July Shooting– This outlines a huge problem; you had youth and adults acting straight idiots.  How do we expect our children to grow up with integrity when the adults who they look up to are ignorant.  This story made me mad on so many levels.  Where was the responsible adult in this situation?  Mothers and Fathers fighting each other and a 22 y/o old kills a 50 y/o man who was trying to keep the peace.  Not only does he deserve to spend the rest of his life in jail, but his parents or whoever was responsible for his upbringing need to be punished in some sort of way.

This was a great piece in the Gazette; Gorman Crossing Elementary School forms fourth-grade techs-quad.  This program should be implemented in all schools in the county.  This is what our young children need.  They need to know that we  are willing to invest in them no matter what the school ranking is.


3 Responses

  1. What the problem is is that people like you who read the paper and believe everything you read. The paper and all other sources of media portray Micheal Morris as this wonderful man who was trying to keep the peace when in fact he was a crack head who jumped my aunts husband with the Charles guy and kept the prblem going. So don’t jugde my brother because nobody knows my brother or if he did what they saying he did. All they know is what they read in the paper which was competely false. The family of Micheal Morris is out right lairs tried to jump me at my brothers court date just for being his brother which shows their ignorants. So, stop writing about my brother because none of you knows what happen.

  2. their kid is autistic. You would think they would be taking care of that poor kid instead of writing about someone else.

  3. How the paper portrayed Mike to be is how he is, he was a wonderful man and it’s terrible a young punk had to take his life but that’s ok cause if people could have only seen his face while he was getting his sentence it was a picture perfect moment. He’s not hard anymore. He’s o Mr. Softie himself. Rip Mike We love and miss you……………………………

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