ABC Democratic Debate

I debated if I was going to watch the debate last night but I gave in.  I was so disappointed in ABC.  I was even more disappointed in Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolous.  The beginning of the debate was the worst.  Obama has explained himself inside and out about Rev Wright’s comments. 

The the lowest point of the debate had to be the question that came from the PA woman who questioned his patriotism because he does not wear a pin on his suit jacket.  Out of all the questions that were submitted, they choose to present this one?  It was obvious that ABC decided to take the low road in attempt to capture ratings instead of keeping the debate objective. 

One of the questions that came from a man from PA questioned Clinton’s integrity because of the lie she told about coming under enemy fire.  Even then when being called out on her lie, she is still insisting that she misspoke.  Clinton didn’t misspeak; she flat out lied.

The later part of the debates were much better, but the damage had all ready been done. I may be wrong, but it appears that during the first hour of the debate, ABC made a deliberate attempt to inject race into the minds of the people of Pennsylvania by questioning Obama’s patriotism and by the consistent questions about Rev. Wright. 

Both candidates tapped danced around the gun issue. 

ABC gets low marks for me.  Here is another blog that I found that discussed last night’s debate.



2 Responses

  1. A light bulb went on for me last night. I ought to have seen it coming, the divide and conquer strategy. The media polarized us, elevating Obama to the status of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (a comparison I find unbelievable) and now that stuck the pin in the inflated balloon they created. Now that there is no hope for the strongest Democratic ticket in recent history, they are going for Obama. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and they had to be sure she couldn’t win before they did it. I was participating in this by bashing Obama, whom I don’t like, but I have seen the light. The Democrats are done.

  2. Well I don’t think the Democrats are done. But i do think that since the Democrats did not expect for Obama to last this long so everyone including the media has been thrown in a loop and this is their response. not good at all. I still think Democrats will win the White House; we have to

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