Black Churches: Some of them finally getting the point

Thank God for churches like this who are breaking through barriers and taking a stand in spite of (Black churches shun stigma of AIDS, take on job of testing).  This is a huge step in the right direction.


3 Responses

  1. well the problem is that they want god to heal and that churches traditionally focus on healing and not prevention

  2. Agree with Torrance, an ounce of prevention…well, you know the saying.

    Though I wasn’t brought up in the church like many of my folks, I recognize the power they have to make change. It’s arguably the largest single gathering place for us around the country. I often wonder why there isn’t some sort of Baptist Coalition like Catholic, Jewish, etc. There’s more power combined than separate.

  3. Wow I guess I need to go to church everytime my pastor preaches so I can make sure he doesn’t say something that may hurt me…..

    This whole thing is a distraction and the media along with conservatives are giving it too much time. There are many evangelical pastors who are card carrying faithful republicans (like Pat Roberts) who say some of the most ignorant things out of their mouths and I have never heard anyone ask republicans to denounce these people.

    Our economy is going down the tubes, people are loosing their homes and jobs and all the media wants to focus on is Obama’s pastor….. damn shame

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