Jeremiah Wright on PBS

I am watching the interview with Jeremiah Wright on PBS right now.  I hope Sean Hannity, Bill O Reilly and otter conservatives watched this program.  He explained his comments and to support his explanation, PBS played more of his speeches to put his so called “anti American” comments into context.  It was a great interview; he was brilliant, but I know that the right will continue to spin this.

Now I will say that he should have let the PBS interview speak for itself.  There was need to speak on the subject any further. 

Interesting video clip

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  1. I just finished watching the interview. It was inspiring. I cannot imagine how FOX NEWS could possibly make such a beautiful message sound bad.
    Wright was simply awesome!

  2. i watched jeramiah wright on pbs last night. he really is so totally different from the way the media has potrayed him.. while watching the speeches that these snippets were taken from, i now see him in a total different light. t is a shame how the media is. i see now that there is really nothing you can believe when watching these shows ,especially the ones that are already using their show to try and sway peoples’ minds. jeramiah wright has served in the military for his country which is a lot more than some of these can say. i bet anything that hannity will not air that itervilew from pbs on his show and if he does you can rest assure that he will pick out a small part that he can use to his advantage.

  3. It was indeed a nice interview – though I was already familiar with and had visited Pastor Wright’s church in the early 90’s. I already knew he was legit. But I had forgotten though how soft spoken and peaceful he actually was. And as someone who has ceased all active church participation – I had forgotten the reasonableness of his message and those of many other black churches like his around the U.S. It was actually warming.

    But now somehow – I hate to admit this – it takes Obama down a notch in my eyes. Maybe it should (for me personall.).

    He has been my choice – and still is. I have been engaged and supporting like never before. But he is, in fact, a politician. And politicians do what they have to do. Frankly I *don’t like* that as the weeks progress after his speech he has increasingly chastised and pulled back from Pastor Wright.

    I *don’t like* that he spends time ‘hanging out’ with blue collar whites trying tomake them feel ‘safe’ with him – when either they are going to vote for him based on his message/policies or *not * elect him because of his race/intellect/higher education.

    And I know it’s over but I ‘don’t like’ that he was absent in Memphis at the 40th anniversary death of MLK, Jr. events. It sends me a message I don’t want to think I hear.

    But I will keep on supporting, albeit with a little less passion – and see what the end will be. But I don’t like the way it’s looking or how I’m feeling.

    Welcome others’ thoughts.

  4. I was very impressed with Rev Wrights interview. I know that no matter what he had to say there will still be those who will still find something to complain about. To tell you the truth it’s not about Rev Wright it’s about get Barack no matter how you have to do it and who you have to take with him.

    I did not have a problem with him not attending the 40th anniversary of Dr Kings death. I’m sure he had his reasons for not attending and I respect that. I can bet the only reason the other two were there was to generate some black support.

  5. I love what the retired pastor has to say. I wish that I had the privilege to have attended some os his services. We as black americans need to hear thso things eveyday to keep us motivated. We have gotten away from being Black And Proud. To me he is like a breathe of fresh air. How we talk And what we say in our Chuch is our business. I cant listen to a sermon about johnny wanting to play baseball ,but couldnt because he was someone rolled him out on the field and let him bat.and the moral of that story is help someone today. That nice but I need someone to dig into my pain and social ills and inspire me to stand against.poverty, racisim on the jobs and the fact that there are no jobs. preach preacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. “I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle
    that we saw yesterday,” Obama said. “What became clear to me is that he was
    presenting a world view that contradicts who I am and what I stand for,”

    Others are saddened, to learn you sat in the pews 20 years for it.
    The comments Monday were carbon copies of the lunatic rants
    on the video clips from last month, that date back years.

    Very simply Barack, you knew. You attended. You looked the
    other way, for the votes he’d deliver to put you in the IL Senate.
    Only now that his divisive ideology harms you, do you object.

    Americans know a hypocrite. Next…

  7. Mike Walker: It is obvious that Obama had to take this position because of the conservative attack on Rev Wright. Main Stream America still does not understand black people and know it has come ot the forefront because of the presidential campaign. I still support Obama

  8. Does America also know the 2 time sitting lame duck hypocrite that sits in the white house that stole the election in his brother’s home state of Florida? Do they remember that there were no weapons of mass destruction? Next….

  9. Listen you genius. Wright wasn’t a raving lunatic 20 years ago. When Barack spoke in Philly he characterized the Rev. as an oddball uncle. Obviously, as he got older, he started to lose it. Barack saw this once mighty man of God slowly disintegrate. I apologize if Barack is too human for you. We can’t very well have a compassionate person in the White House can we? Much better to have a heartless individual who likes to start wars, ignores the weak and sides with big money at every turn.

  10. The Audacity of Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright’s Inconvenient Truth

    As of this week my view has become clearer: Wright’s message has been consistent for 20 years -regardless of *who* the audience is. OBAMA is the one who has shifted, all for those blue-collars.

    I have discontinued my support of Obama at this point.

    Where’s the change I can believe in if he’s going to succomb to political pressure and denounce clear, consistent teaching that he and his family have been under for 20 years? The teaching/message that helped shape his faith and his politics as layed out in his second book?

    The Philly speech was balanced and fair. The increasing (and ultimately total) denunciation *after* that speech is what drew Wright to the forefront – and within right.

    If Obama is meant to be U.S. President this year, he will be. But I can’t support him like this. Not giving in to the pressure to play the old politics of amnesia or whatever. You can’t denounce those who have loved and supported you long before you decided to run for this office. And please don’t trade off the black vote for the blue collar vote by taking it for granted.

  11. oh how the left is lost… hopefully forever…

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