Hillary Clinton said what? No she didn’t!!

Hillary Clinton has now finalized the deal to destroy her candidacy.  How can she claim that Obama is loosing support from white Americans when he is still in the lead???  it is not only black people voting for Obama.  And there are still black people supporting her!!!!! 

Once again, it’s ok for white people to play the race card, but when black people do it it’s wrong.  I hope that the superdelegates pull support from her and shift their full attention to Obama.  Hillary has overstayed her welcome and enough is enough.  Obama since day one has tried to stay race neutral because he knows how main stream America gets paranoid every time someone brings up racial tensions in this country; but it has been Clinton and other people in conservative media who injected racial overtones into this campaign.  How is she supposed to bring the Democratic party together after a nominee is selected after making comments like this?

It is time for the superdelegates to stick a fork in Clinton; she is well done.


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