Why?  This girl whose name is Marche Taylor (I won’t even get into her first name) was dressed to work a corner not attend a prom.  then to make matters worse; she actually put the dress back on for the media to do their story and still no sign of the parents.  Am I wrong?  Now I must say that she should not have been arrested, but her parents need to be smacked then fined then smacked again and again and again and again

Teen handcuffed for wearing skimpy prom dress


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  1. Yeah, I saw it today. I wanted to slap her AND her parents. smh…

  2. That getup goes against everything a prom should stand for. There are so many classy, affordable dresses in the stores these days. There are magazines full of beautiful black women whose outfits and hairstyles can serve as inspiration. There is no excuse for that girl to look so bad.

  3. well if they dont define hoochie dress or pay for clothes they have no say i think this is america

  4. yes, this is amerikkka, everyone has choice… but we should always choose to be sensible.

  5. Hello everyone! {waves}

    I just looked at the video and I used to be a former public school teacher and the dress was NOT appropriate for a prom ….or for anything other than on stage at a strip bar…HOWEVER…if the school does not have a written policy about what TYPE of dress is inappropriate that was distributed to students and to parents then this student could sue and win her case. I think she should sue the school system if there was nothing given to the students IN WRITING about a dress code at the prom…

    I won’t even comment on her diction or her carriage…that’s an issue that the parents must handle…

    It’s very telling that her mom and dad were not being interviewed on camera…

    Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!

    You are invited to visit:

  6. If the school has a dress code, then I think that dress code would also extend to all school-sponsored events. If a student can’t come to class half naked, then they sure can’t show up at prom that way.

  7. I just sitting in front of the PC shaking my head and yes my friend her parents should be slapped. Mark

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