Another example of main stream America pulling the race card

Take a good look at this:

This woman is protesting the Atlanta store  that is selling these tee shirts.  she is outraged and rightfully so.  Anyone who thinks this is not racist is kidding themselves.  We know that this country has a history of characterizing black people as apes or monkeys.  This is no different.

And on the Rush Limbaugh show, a caller said that her granddaughter thought that Curious George looked like Obama; and of course he laughed.  This is the type of SH@#$ that only confirms that this country still has a culture that undervalues, underestimates and marginalizes people of color.

When I emailed this story to a buddy of mine, he asked me why does everything have to be racial.  Here is my response to him:

You must put things in historical context when you talk about these types of incidents.  Historically we know that white people characterized black people as apes and monkeys.  This is on the lines of Sambo and the use of black face.  This is nothing new, we have history to support this.

You are correct that everything isn’t racist, but this clearly is.  In 2008 a black man who is almost at the footstep of the White House is characterized on a tee-shirt as a monkey with a banana and that is not offensive???  Ask yourself this question; would they have characterized any other white presidential candidate as a monkey?  They wouldn’t even do that to Bush!!
This is not a knock towards you; I have read other comments from other black people who are saying that this no big deal; but I find it interesting that if any other group of people says that something is offensive to them; America accepts it, when a black person says something is offensive, we are characterized as being too sensitive or always pulling the “race card” and sometimes even our own people tell us that we are over reacting. 
I will quote Dr. Frances Welsing:
In this country we have been culturally conditioned to believe that white people are superior and black people are inferior; and the manifestation of this conditioning is that black people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.
And sadly, sometimes black people fall victim to this conditioning and end up undervaluing themselves. 


11 Responses

  1. Well said. I think a lot of people actually realize its racist but they just don’t want to confirm it or something. They know its racist but they just don’t want you to hear them admit it. They want you to question your judgement and maybe even blame yourself and think you are overly-sensitive. Its mind tricks. Like someone says “I think you don’t like me”, you deny it because you don’t want to admit you dislike the person and have to deal with it. Its easier for them to say racism doesn’t exist, you are too sensitive, or the statement wasn’t racist. Tricky people!

  2. Even though your friend is Black, its easier for us to pretend sometimes too.

  3. I think that Atlanta store is going to be hearing from some copyright lawyers pretty soon. I’m sure the people who own the rights to Curious George don’t appreciate their character being used in such an offensive manner.

    A store owner should have enough sense to know that producing bootleg t-shirts can be enough to get you put out of business.

  4. I can’t wait until Obama is president, and all the racist assholes of this country are given a big middle finger with the message “this isn’t your country anymore, so evolve or leave”.

  5. Ha thats funny! I’ve never heard anyone say that directed to non-Black people. Whenever the minority complains somenone says “if you don’t like the country then leave” never to the majority. Probably because they think its their country and everyone else is an intruder who they are just allowing to stay here.

  6. As a black person, I’m not offended.

    Why? Because my own people have hurt me more. I’ve been ignored, called names, and treated worse by fellow blacks than any racist white person I’ve ever encountered.

    I do agree that the gesture was somewhat disrespectful, but Obama does have some big ass ears. I’m sorry. And people have been calling Bush a “Bush Baby”- a double entendre pun referring to him being a Junior and the actual monkey called a bush baby.

    In my opinion, the whole Suge Knight- The Barber situation is more unsettling.

  7. Zack:

    I am sorry man but I have to disagree with you on this one. You must put this in historical context. To comapare a black person to a monkey is racist. Please refer to the period of time when blackface was common practice. Research some of the songs that white entertainers made about black people; songs that called black people ‘porch monkies’

    The problem with a lot of us is that we don’t know our own history, so when history repeats itself, we brush it off as not being important.

    And the Suge Knight incident can’t even hold a candle to this….

  8. I see where you’re coming from, and trust me, I write like this on my blog. But it’s not what people call you- it’s what you answer to.

    Don’t let the little injustices take your focus off the big picture. I hate to be a scripture thumper, but flowing from the heart are the issues of the heart. Some whites have bad “hearts” due to hatred. So we must understand why they must put a black man down who is running for President. Could be ignorance, jealousy, or none of our business.

    Whatever the reason is, don’t “let the spin get you down”

    It’s okay to disagree, but it’s worse when you don’t learn from others with adverse opinions. Trust me….I know. I got a new respondent called OG and she lays into me on EVERY post. She don’t agree with a damn thing I write, but I learn from her.

  9. who cares about a foolish shirt why are we protesting some little shop when we should be gathering together and wiping our neighborhood’s of street corner drug dealers and pimp’s who are the real problem. we need to quit putting our resorces and efforts into petty little nonsense and take a decisive action against those in our culture that are killing us from within our own community’s we can’t change how ignorant people think unless we take the moral highground and lead by example look at doctor king for instance he brought people of all creeds and color together by morality and love we can’t fix anyone’s view by telling them what to think that only waist more time and effort that is needed elsewhere.

  10. Chris:

    I find it interesting how I fully explained what was wrong with this tee-shirt, and even put it in historical context, how you brushed off the seriousness of the issue. Undervalue, underestimate and marginalize…

    I agree wthat we also need to be more proactive in our communities but one issue does not overrule or void the other. The problems that are partly self inflicted in our community (crime as well as other issues) as well as racist stereotypes and depicitions of black people by white people are real problems.

    I believe that we can walk and chew gum at the same time; that is both problems can be addressed at the same time.

    I is also interesting how you brought up Dr. King’s passion fo equality for all. This was Dr. King’s dream and his vision. He knew that America had not reached that point. The first people want to bring up is Dr. Kings “I have a Dream Speech” neglecting his other speeches, such as “Why I oppose the Vietnam War” or his Letter from “the Birmingham Jail” Dr. King talked about the reality that he lived in and how racism in this country was wrong and needed to stop. He wasn’t dreaming 24/7 like Main Stream America wants to coin him as doing. He was taking action against the ugliness of biogtry and racism….

  11. I didn’t read your post till now son. don’t get me wrong this is nasty and ignorant but the point i was trying to make was we need to deal with the more urgent matters and little problems like this will work themselves out. hate is hate i agree 100% but we are dividing into different cultures. we need to use these resources to educate our children better build out reach program’s for kids who fall through the cracks in the educational system grants to help young familys get a jump start not to mention that a lot of our church’s need help good lawyers for people who get caught up in this corrupted legal system better parks sports programs for kids who can’t play and headstart programs and the list go’s on and on. the hottest places in hell are reserved for people who remained silent in times of moral crisis but there is no pain where there is only love. i fond his last speech to be the best he knew our father was calling i always believed god could talk through certain people and i always thought he was one of those people.

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