Hagee Apologizes to the Catholic Church

There are not permanent friends or permanent enemies in Politics; only permanent interests….

Hagee has a history of speaking negatively about the Catholic church.  Now since he has endorsed McCain, it is front page news.  it has caused such a stir that he has written a 2 page letter apologzing to the Catholic church.  Would he really be apologizing if he was not endorsing McCain?

He also left some people out of his apology;  the citizens of New Orleans.  Hagee claimed that Hurrican Katrina touched down in New Orleans because they had a gay pride parade in the city

But here is the real kicker, in the past McCain has criticized former Governor Bush for embracing supporters like Hagee.  And now McCain is being endorsed by the same man who he criticized Bush for embracing……. No permanent enemies….


3 Responses

  1. Toronto has a gay pride parade, and I think some other places do to. We have never had a hurricaine. Thinking like Hagee’s is just stupid.

  2. It’s guys like him whose job it is to damn everyone but their biggest contributors!

  3. Another reason why I really dislike religion, it just isnt Hagee although the man is a baffoon. Religion is often behind all kinds of ignorant statements and even violence against those who may not agree with that particular religion.

    I heard a black christian say after Katrina that it happened because of the “Voodoo” down thier.

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