West Virginia

The exit poles from the West Virginia primaries said a mouthful.  The Clintons knew this would happen which is why she repeated the stats from the AP report.  There are many white people who simply will not vote for Obama because he is black.  These people will vote for McCain before they would vote for Obama. 

On the flip side, there are black people who have been so turned off by the Clintons tatics in this campaign baiting white people on race, that they are saying that they will not vote for Hillary if she wins the Democratic nomination.

So where does this leave Democrats?

Dr. Ron Walters from the University of Maryland made an interesting point.  Obama has to convince 70% of white America that he is not one of “us” and that they (white People) can trust him.  What does this say about America in 2008?  That race still trumps politics. 

The Clinton plan is obvious; to chip away Obama’a white voters and to reassure those blue collar white voters by playing the racial ignorance card.

Obama’s plan is still the same; he is being race neutral and appealing to all Americans with change.

If this race is over, then why are there still super-delegates uncommitted?  They are uncommitted because it is not over yet folks.  Hillary Clinton is using the GOP playbook to tear down Obama.  She is hoping that in the next few months that Obama will make a mistake that she can take advantage off.  and she is willing to wear down the the Democratic Party to do this. 

This is a battle for power.  Power of the free world; and the idea that a person of color could be this close from the White House scares a lot of people in Main Stream America.

Here is the question.  What is the plan?  Obama has a plan and so does Clinton.  But what is the plan of their supporters; especially Obama supporters? 

Since I am an Obama supporter, I say keep supporting Obama, but:

  • Let your Senators and Representatives know how you feel and hold them accountable.
  • Don’t forget about the U.S. Congressional and local Races that are also at stake; fight to keep both houses in Democratic control; remember that all politics are local.  And you need at least 60 votes to do anything in the Senate no matter who the President is.
  • The same drive that new and young voters are having must be transferred over to local and state elections as well; you can not give up if Obama does not gain the nomination; the enemy wants you to become disenchanted with politics so that you won’t vote.

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  1. I heard a sound bite on NPR, from a gentleman polled exiting the primary: “Now you know I didn’t vote for no colored.”

    A statement so archaic, it’s hilariously sad.

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