Obama reaches the magic number

Tonight was a historic night.  Could it possible that America is moving closer to (because we aren’t there yet) to a color blind society?  Democratic Presidential Nominee Senator Barack Obama gave an awesome speech.  His enthesium and call for change is what this country needs. 

Clinton put on a fight during this whole process. I respect her drive, but now it is time to hang it up.  I was disappointed with her speech last night.  Clinton gave her speech as if it was only the second day of the primaries and she had only lost 1 primary.  This is the end of the road and she needs to give it up and focus on healing the Party. 

As I listened to McCain’s speech, I fell asleep.   If what I saw last night was how McCain plans to debate Obama, he does not stand a chance.  His speech was so dry and dull that I actually had to stand up and walk around my living room a couple of times to stay awake.  His speech was horrible.


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