If not now; when?

Main stream America constantly tells black people to stop pulling the race, but main stream America can’t take its own advice.  I read this article on yahoo this morning; Racial attitudes pose challange for Obama  and all I could do is shake my head. 

Here are some of the comments from the article that stick out the most to me:

I don’t think our country is ready for a black president”

A few, like Susick, suggested the nation needs more time to prepare for a black president — and perhaps a woman as well.

Obama “just hasn’t impressed me,” he said over midmorning coffee with a friend at Denny’s. “His middle name bothers me a lot.” That name is Hussein.

The above comments can summed up as cultural conditioning at its best. That is;

In American, we have been culturally conditioned to believe that white people are superior and black people are inferior.  The manifestation of this conditioning is that black people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.

I remember reading stories about people telling Dr. King that it wasn’t time for black folk to fight for civil rights in this country.  They urged him to be patient and wait.  Dr. King’s response was if now is not the time, then when will be the right time?  NOW IS THE TIME!!!

It amazes me how some (not all) white people would even part their lips and say that we need more time to to get used to the idea of a black president, as if we are some foreign species that needs further analysis before they can trust our intellect and abilities; as if we haven’t given America enough time all ready.  African Americans are no different from white people; we want and need the same qualities of life; but too often we have been shut out because of the color of our skin.

I beg to differ with the title of this article.  Obama is not the person with the problem; it is the white population who shares the attitudes that were described in this article who are the problem.   They are the ones who can’t see beyond race.


8 Responses

  1. Good points. Its so insulting to hear that a country has to get used to a Black president. I think its just a bunch of crap and just a more acceptable way of saying “we like having White presidents and don’t want anything different, but I’m not going to come out and say that”. Its just crap.

  2. i agree with your perspective regarding the problem – its historical

  3. “Obama is not the person with the problem; it is the white population who shares the attitudes that were described in this article who are the problem. They are the ones who can’t see beyond race”

    That is what the article is saying, right? Whether it is based on historical issues, prejudice or xenophobia, the article is just stating how people feel. That is, it is stating facts. Yes, many blacks and nonblacks are happy about Obama and the progress that has been made with respect to race relations in this country. Nonetheless, it should not be surprising that not everyone feels the same way. The article is reporting on viewpoints adverse to Obama.

    It is obvious that the primary issue for Obama is to pull in a majority of voters who are willing to look beyond race. So far, he has done well, despite odds of doing so.

    Finally, I think it is naive to think that the fact that a black man has won the nomination for president means indicates that racism has been eradicated from our country.

  4. in this county, ALL nationalities are lead to believe they are better than blacks.
    -and the quote “I don’t think our country is ready for a black president” translates into “I don’t want a black man in charge of me, telling me what to do.”

  5. Afripino:

    I think that the artilce is highlighting how certain people think in this country. And I hope people don’t think that if Obama becomes president that racism will cease do exist.

  6. I’m already hearing people say that having Obama in the race and winning the nomination is a sign of how things have changed in America. People outside the US are saying things like that and view the election as proof that anyone can be successful in America. They see it as a sign that racism is not as prevalent in the US anymore. Even some American people are saying “Look, a Black man has a chance to be president so that shows that racism isn’t a big deal anymore” as a reason why there is no need for affirmative action and as proof that Black people who complain about racism are ‘too sensitive’. Its like they see to fight against oppression to be over as soon as some Black people become millionares or one becomes President. Those are just a few people while the rest have lives that are much worse. Its like as long as a few Black people are successful and powerful then its proof that no one is oppressed. Just watch, anytime a Black person mentions oppression and racial disparities they will mention Oprah and Barack Obama as evidence that the Black person is wrong.

  7. Here’s the deal:

    Obama has done EVERYTHING white America tells black people they need to do to be sucessful: he is educated, articulate, he’s a family man, involved with his community, a good citizen, etc etc etc.

    If, after ALL THAT, there are white people who can’t pull their heads outta their butts and ignore their own racism to make a logical decision, well, those people are bad Americans — they don’t really believe in the American dream or the Constitution, and they might as well just admit it is all a bunch of patriotic BS.

    You either believe all men (and women) are created equal and you believe in the constitution, or you don’t. It is that simple.

    Bob Loftin — white guy.

  8. “If, after ALL THAT, there are white people who can’t pull their heads outta their butts and ignore their own racism to make a logical decision…”

    KEY WORDS: “make a logical decision”

    Racism and prejudice are symptoms of illogical behavior. You can’t really deal logically with illogical people. Just as there will be rapists, child abusers and other criminals (collectively, “deviants”), there will be racists and hateful people (deviants). This isn’t an American or patriotic phenomenom, it is human nature that is exhibited in all societies. If intelligence was required to be a true American (i.e., a real patriot), the U.S. population would be cut in half.

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