Someone please take the wheel from FEMA and the State of Louisiana!!!

This article says it all…..  FEMA gives away $85 million of supplies for Katrina victims

Years after Katrina, they still don’t get it, they are still claiming to be unaware of what Hurricane Katrina survivors need.  Is it me, or does it seem that FEMA has some of the most ignorant, incompetent people on staff?  I am beginning to believe that my 4 year old nephew can run FEMA better than these clowns.  And let’s not forget the state of Louisiana; there is enough blame to go around. 


5 Responses

  1. How is this FEMA’s fault? They offered the stuff to Louisiana and Louisiana said NO! How many times can you blame one agency? Formaldehyde – let’s blame FEMA, not the industry that makes the darn trailers.

    Supplies not given out – did you read the article “FEMA … gave it away to cities, schools, fire departments and nonprofit agencies such as food banks -non-profit agencies and food banks…isn’t that where people go for help, yet Louisiana said no. Isn’t this Unity group a non-profit? If they aren’t, that’s interesting.

    Read on…
    These items also were offered to all states — yet Louisiana, where most of the people displaced by the storm live, passed on taking any of them.

    John Medica, director of the Louisiana Federal Property Assistance Agency in Baton Rouge, said he was unaware that Katrina victims still had a need for the household supplies.

    “We didn’t have anybody out there who told us they wanted it,” Medica said.

    Yet we’ll put out a story and blame FEMA for not letting this stuff go to waste. That’s right, the Federal Govt. is SUPPOSED to come in an tell the state what they need & if the state says they don’t need it, the federal government should ignore them and just come into the cities and see if the state was incompetent or lying.

    Thomas Jefferson would be so proud.

  2. Donna: You are correct, Federal and State Government deserve blame in this. But I am still holding FEMA accountable because they did not respond correctly to this situation when it happened.

  3. Two+ years ago FEMA should have notified non-profits and cities in Louisiana to go and register with this state agency. And the former governor’s staff should have 1) publicized this La federal surplus office and 2) told this office to keep an eye out for sweet offers like this one they passed up.

    I’m not a Republican but I sure hope the new Gov Jindal admin does a better job at handling disasters & their aftermath. This whole post-Katrina business has been a mess of mismanagment from the governor to the mayor and parish officials (and don’t get me going about the levees and their management by feds and locals).

    If not for the non-profits, lord knows what kind of recovery would be happening.

  4. Coming in a bit late on this one.

    This country is terribly unprepared for most disasters of that scale. Pandemic flu would wipe us out. The real shame is that a katrina-like event in New Orleans, given enough years, is a statistical sure-thing. The smart people knew it, but unfortunately the smart people weren’t in charge.

  5. Meanwhile, Bush promises billions for Iowa.

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