Is your favorite store closing? Are your food packages shrinking?

I understand that businesses fall on hard times, but something has to give.   Of course most of these companies will bounce back eventually, but it is at the expense of laying off thousands of workers.  What do you think?  Is this something that needs attention or is this just what the economy does in these situations and we should let it correct itself?

Retal Stores Closing Doors

Store Closings

Also watch out for your grocery store food packages shrinking.  Check this out.

Shoppers beware: Products shrink but prices stay the same


One Response

  1. These retail closings are the result of having an economy based on ever-escalating consumption of consumer good s– mostly cheap stuff made out of the country — to feed a the ravenous and unsustainable machine of corporate greed. And our population has been brainwashed into thinking they need all this crap. I live within fast driving distance of at least 5 Home Depots. Is it really a national trajedy that Sharper Image is closing stores? How much cheap plastic crap do we really need from Bed Bath and Beyond? And stuffed characters from the Disney Store.

    We need to seriously take a look at what we are spending our money on.

    I’m not against having fun, buying some luxuries you can afford and enjoy, but just extracting more stuff from the earth, selling it cheap, and soon putting it in a landfill is not a good economic model for the long term.

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