Jesus take the wheel

Jasmine Donald’s grandmother gave her $6,000 for prom; which included a rented Rolls Royce Phantom and her own set of paparazzi to take pictures of her when she stepped out of the limo for her prom.

I can kind of understand the limo (a much cheaper one), but the photographers is way over the line.  What is wrong with some of us?  Is this girl going to college?  If so, maybe the 6,000 could have been used towards her education.  We have to do better…..

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  1. This kind of spending pervades our culture. Sad. $6K on a prom. How about 6K into a savings account, or in stock, or something intelligent. Or for the bottom half of that dress.

  2. Bibliosk8:

    LOL that is what I am talking about

  3. $6K? What a ripoff! My neighbor got a first-class prom for his daughter and spent under $1000. (The daughter even came up with half the money from working after school.) They got a dressmaker to copy a hollywood red carpet dress, and it looked way better that what that girl has on in the photo. He rented a 1950’s vintage car, and got one of his friends (an amateur photographer) to take the pictures. They even had an after party.

    As for the $6K? If Ms. Donald goes to college, she’s going to be kicking herself when those tuition bills come due. That money could’ve paid for some books and lab fees.

  4. in a recession – granny need her but whupped

  5. Whose to say they don’t have money to burn like that? Whose to say she isn’t set up for college… if she goes. Who has the underlying story to this one? Yes, it’s a frivolous thing to do, but what if they got it like that?

  6. Let’s say her family is well off, this is still too much.

  7. This is crazy…but I have seen worse from the teens on the MTV “My Super Sweet 16” show. The parents on there routinely spend $150,000-$500,000 on birthday parties for their kids, and the kids are SO spoiled and self-indulgent. Some of them cry if they don’t get BMWs or Land Rovers in a specific color, and the music mogul L.A. Reid has a son who wanted Kanye West to perform at his birthday. Kanye came to the party, charging $1,000,000 for a “music appearance”, and the parents were fine with it! I like Kanye’s music as much as the next person, but that money really could have gone to better use. I blame the parents for not setting limits…some kids now are so pampered and have no idea of what the real world is like. Even if you have a lot of money, spending that much on a sixteenth birthday party or a prom is just not right.

  8. John, I don’t think I’d compare what Ms. Donald has elected to do with this money versus an MTV show whose premise is built around hyperbole. I do agree that the show is beyond annoying. I think that’s what they’re going for, though: attraction through disgust. It’s why people slow down to see if they can find gore in a car wreck.

    She and (presumably) her date (in all his bright footwear glory) look so much like two fish far from any close body of water. Why do I envision this girl being the one wealthier girl amongst others in a poorer school, attitude correlating with the premise that money is the rocket to the sky. Well, at least I remember that sort of thing growing up attending a very rough school system.

    You have to wonder about the grandmother and why she’d do this. Better yet, what is the amount of money relative to the income of her family or her caretakers. Are there parents around to have even considered giving her such a thing. There’s the thought that someone’s trying to hold on to their little girl via their warped demands for solidifying a sense of image.

    It could be too late, too, and I need to hang it up. Another very interesting post from the Native Son!


  9. Man, Overboard–You have good points, but I still think the comparison is valid because it shows the excesses of American life. Many of the kids on that MTV show aren’t celebrities, yet they emulate them. This is just as bad–instead of paying paparazzi, you’d think they would be putting money into a college fund.

  10. ^Rene!!
    WOW!! You said exactly what I was thinking!?!

    “some kids now are so pampered and have no idea of what the real world is like” What if their reality, their world is pampered and continues to be so? It’s their life. What may be exorbitant to many may simply be an after-thought to a few. Who knows, when and if she’s strapped for cash pursuing her Masters Degree in International Affairs and asked would she do it again, she may reply without blinking, Yes.

    Grown and educated folks waste money on frivolous things often, like “I MUST HAVE” items like increasingly expensive smart phones.

    Did anyone here ever purchase an expensive item, when a cheaper alternative was available??

    I’m just saying. And who knows, maybe the young man really like his shoes and received compliments from his friends. Just maybe, the young lady was overwhelmed with appreciation for her outfit. I pretty much doubt if they cared about what other people thought about their sense of fashion.

    Yeah . . . what’s wrong with some of us?

  11. Dahdi–You completely miss the point. Just because something feels or looks good doesn’t mean its right–even if you can get away with it. Burning through money on a consistent basis doesn’t teach kids of value of working hard to get things. Grown folks may burn through their own money, and they get no sympathy from me when they go bankrupt and look for a handout from people–like Ed McMahon. Please don’t lecture me on my purchases–some of us HAVE to manage our money in a responsible way. I’ve spent more money on quality items, but I don’t spend extravagently. There’s a big difference. Even people who HAVE money don’t want to burn through it…why do you think so many wealthy people have accounts in the Cayman Islands?

    Burning through money because “you got it like that” is just not a credible argument.

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