Editorial-Balitmore Sun

I read this editorial in the Baltimore-Sun Times. Taking on black fathers Our view: Positive outreach is more useful than criticism

I understand what this author of this editorial and Obama are saying.  I feel that the author of this editorial should continue to focus on the work that they are doing.  Obama was speaking from experience.  He is the product of household where his father rolled out on him.  We in the black community know that this is a huge problem; but we don’t want to admit it or talk about it for the fear of hurting peoples feelings or airing our dirty laundry

I think this is a huge problem in our community.  People should not worry about what Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP or the National Urban League is doing; ask yourself: ‘what am I going to do about it’  And it appears that the author of the editorial is doing just that.   They have a program that is helping black males.


4 Responses

  1. something needs to be said chk out what I call the blinded by the Obamafication of America

  2. I really don’t understand some of criticism Barack Obama has received from our community. Folks who use the “airing our dirty laundry argument” as a reason for being offended every time our people are publically challenged to do better need to understand that our dirty laundry is aired everyday in the news. What goes on in our communities is no secret. Every time one of our young people goes out and murders another, our dirty laundry is aired. Every time someone in our community gets carjacked, our dirty laundry is aired. Every time our school system’s test scores are last in the state, our dirty laundry is aired. Just turn on BET and you’ll see our dirty laundry disguised as entertainment. The correlation between absent Black fathers and the deterioration of our community is no secret. It’s no secret that too many of our Black families are broken and that Black fathers need to be men and put an end to this foolishness. Too many of us stopped being outraged at the actual problems in our communities but instead are directing it toward people like Obama or Bill Cosby who put it out there.

  3. Let me state right off the bat that this comment is not directed at black youth specifically, but at the raising of males and and society at large.

    Elephants are intelligent animals. They live in family groups. In one study, in which the adult male elephants had been killed, the young (adolecent) male elephants went nuts — they essentially terrorized the rest of their group.

    Wild life manager introduced several full adult males in to the group. The adult males quickly established the proper pecking order/group dynamics, and got things under control.

    Human children, in particular males, need the same kind of instruction/enforcement of social expectations.

  4. I am tired of this argument about the lack of black fathers in the home. Lets face it, black men are taking the easy way out ,and some of the sisters are not helping. I guess I am fortunate to know five generation of black males, head of household.

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