The BET Awards

Did anyone attempt to watch BET last night?  This was one of the very few times that I turned to Bootleg Entertainment Television in a long time.  What did you think? I will comment on the show a little later


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  1. The topic is the awards and not the network right? lol Well let’s see…. I was entertained. I really enjoyed Usher’s opening performance. I enjoyed Alicia Keys performance and appreciated her bringing back some of the classic girl groups of my generation. Keyshia Cole did not perform well in my opinion. She sounded way off. Chris Brown and Ciara have great chemistry. Rihanna gave a nice safe performance. Not a fan of Jeezey though he does have stage presence and a marketable voice. Kanye’s arrogance overshadows his ability. Lil’ Wayne also has stage presence and a tremendous lyrical upside…. if only he would talk about something his people could use. Nelly was forgettable. Warren…. I mean Marvin Sapp was wonderful, lol DL Hughley didn’t embarrass us. And the highlight of the night was Mr. Al Green who still has an abundance of personality and ability. Yep, I was entertained!

  2. didnt see it
    had no desire to

  3. For the life of me I can not understand what the obsession is with Lil Wayne. Our youth and some adults flock to him and I just don’t get it.

    D.L. Hughkey was ok for like 10 minutes. His opening comedy bit was not good in my opinion.

    Alicia Keys and the old shool girl groups was off the chain.

    Keisha Cole really needs to focus on why voice and her ghetto mother and sister. At first I questioned why BET would put them on the show but then I had to remind myself that I am talking about BET.

    Rhianna did a great job. Kept it simple.

    Ne-Yo did a good job as well as Chris Brown. But there came a point when it just all looked like Michael Jackson…. in terms of dancing.

    T-Pain and Lil Wayne remind me of the Sambo era (I know people are going to jump on me for that).

    BET delivered what they have been doing for along time; a semi entertaining show with a touch of ghetto.

    T-Pain and Lil Wayne remind me of the Sambo era (I know people are going to jump on me for that)

    My favorite part of the BET award show is when President of BET, Debra Lee makes her little speech as if BET is something we should all be proud of… Am I hard on BET? yeah I am, but it is well deserved.

  4. Check my blog. I had a lot to say…

  5. While I never really cared to look at the BET Awards before this year, I actually did enjoy most of it (I can’t believe I just admitted that). I like Keyshia Cole a lot, but the ghettoness from her family was just tacky. I will never understand Lil’ Wayne’s appeal…his rapping is mediocre at best, his lyrics doesn’t make any sense, and he can’t even form a complete sentence during any interviews he does. You’re right–Rihanna’s performace was good, but “safe”. Chris Brown, Usher, and Ne-Yo were ok. You are right Native–T-Pain looks like fool in public. He plays the “Sambo” part; the teeth, clothes, and the cane are too much, but I’ll give him a pass this time because I liked “Good Life” and “Bartender” (I can’t believe I admitted the latter). The Nelly/Fergie song was ok. Most of D.L. Hughley’s jokes were recycled from a “The Tonight Show” appearance he did last week and they weren’t that funny. I was a kid when “Waterfalls” came out, so I really liked seeing TLC, and SWV was always great. I wish we had more REAL R&B groups like that now, instead of all these manufactured rip-offs.

    Oh, and Debra Lee is an embarassment to quality black programming. She is supposed to be a Harvard graduate, yet still has not reinstated a full-time news program on BET? What a joke.

  6. no one mentioned maxwell. i was tooooo happy to see him

  7. also i thought jill scott sounded bad which was very surprising

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