Prince George’s County in the news again

Suspect in Md. Officer’s Death Was Strangled

My fears were confirmed when the news broke that Ronnie White died of asphyxiation.  Now we have a police officer who was dragged to death by criminals who have no respect for the law, and now the main suspect was killed while in jail.  Ronnie White will never have his day in court because he is dead.  Has it even been confirmed that Ronnie was the one who was driving the car?

Who strangled Ronnie White while he was in his jail cell?  Was it a correctional officer?  Was it a Prince George’s County Officer?  Ronnie White could not have strangled himself. 

I am not defending Ronnie White, he had prior run-ins with the law and was accused of killing Cpl. Findley, but Ronnie White deserved his day in court; you are innocent until proved guilty.  And no matter what White was accused of, no one has the right to be the judge and jury.  

At a time when the community should be mourning the fallen officer Cpl. Findley, the county now has to split attention to the killing of suspect Ronnie White. 

This morning I heard a lot of black people voice their concerns that incidents like this is the reason why black people don’t trust the police.  Some argued that this is the reason why “don’t snitch” exist in a lot of urban communities because police officers have the same policy. 

The Prince George’s County chapter of the NAACP has weighed in on the situation with some of the same concerns.  I am not ready to assume that this incident happened because of race.  I think we had a guy who was accused of killing a cop and someone from the law enforcement community got even. 

Here are some questions I have for everyone to answer/discuss:

  1. Do you think race played apart in the murder of Ronnie White?
  2. If the MD State Police investigation finds a suspect in Ronnie White’s murder, should State’s Attorney Glen Ivey request the death penalty

Whatever the outcome, we have a dead police officer and a dead suspect.  This is not good for Prince George’s County and it will be interesting to see how County Executive Jack Johnson  handles this embarrassing crises.


6 Responses

  1. What’s up, Native? Long time. I knew you would have addressed this issue by now, so I wanted to comment.

    Even though Ronnie White has done some despicable things in his life and possibly even directly culpable for Corporal Findley’s death, he did at least deserve a day in court to be either deemed guilty of innocent of said crime. Now we may never know the truth in either instance.

    As for your questions:

    Race-In my opinion, no. I feel the race of the officer and suspect are merely coincidental. Had officer Findley been black or hispanic, I feel that White or any other suspect would have suffered the same fate. White committed the ultimate offense against the “Blue Wall” and his death appeared to have been opportunistic.

    IMO, race is an immaterial element here, even though as this case progresses, it could be seen as one of the contributing factors by many.

    Ivey would never request the death penalty against a police officer, especially since the dead suspect was accused of killing one. Ivey would not only be pushed out of office, he would probably never ontain employment in the same capacity again.

  2. I agree with Gil’s analysis except that I don’t think that Ivey will get to the death penalty question because they may not ever catch the perpetrator. P.G. isn’t known for having the best homicide investigators of police force in general, so I would not expect that they show great improvement when they investigate one or more of their own.

  3. Sounds like he got what his hands called for!
    I will give this as much time as his life was worth.

  4. Sad to say Im not feeling particularly sorry for Mr. White. God Bless both of their souls. What really irks me is how his family is all in the article talking about how good of a person he was and how its the crowd he was hanging with who was responsible for his actions and not him…People like that are the reason these yung men don’t feel accountable for their actions…always giving them an excuse…How can you call a dude who robs and steals and sells drugs in the community a good person? Someone who chocked out a sista at gunpoint? I wish his family would wake the up…

  5. It’s very sad that we are very judging in this case. We have to look beyond what we see. We are looking for answers to questions that only the people that are involved know. We don’t know what really happened and why they both died. GOD has the final say so in the end and if GOD took them then it doesn’t matter how. Is ronnie responcible for the officers death(we dont know) or is the officer respocible for ronnies death(we don’t know). There are a lot of pieces missing this case. Everyone that is involved in this case has something to hide. He may have been a good person respectful and very outgoing but when you are in the streets those things don’t exist when your trying to fit in. And that officer could be one of many bad cops that we have in the world, but we will never know. Lets look at this situation in a totally different light.

  6. Maybe if ronnie wasnt a thug, he wouldnt have found himself in so many situations with the police. He chose to live his life the way he did and he was a criminal. SERGEANT Findley, made a choice as well, a noble and honorable choice to be a police officer. A police officers job is to protect people and a community, people like ronnie are a hazard to society. Lets be serious, no one is upset that a murderer is off of the streets.

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