Hospital Neglect

If this isn’t proof that we need health care reform in this country, then I don’t know what is. 

Video shows woman dying on Brooklyn hospital floor

Woman who died on hospital floor called ‘beautiful person’


5 Responses

  1. That’s crazy, I thought things were getting bad in my country (UK), but this is something else. Is this world going crazy!

  2. i saw that on tv, i thought it was chi town

  3. It’s unfortunate that the LA tape took months to be released, and it would appear that the New York officials have been more aggressive in dealing with the staff’s failure to respond (n LA many of the employees involved in the Rodriguez incident continue to be employed by the County).

    As a RN I can’t fathom the absolute lack of not only the exercising basic nursing functions, but failure to respond in a humane fashion. This is not so much about the need of health care reform, but the need to ensure that we don’t just “settle” when it comes to selecting nurses, physicians and other heath care workers. For far too long hospitals have hired mediocre nurses or kept bad ones under the excuse of a nursing shortage. In health care we must never settle.

  4. At least a private citizen has paid for the family to retrieve their mother. Which proves how much more we have to help ourselves.

  5. I’m not the least bit surprised! This hospital is in the Brooklyn neighborhood in which I grew up. My family quickly learned (after my grandmother died in that same hospital) that we needed to drive several miles – outside of our own community – to receive quality health care. We’ve got to do better.

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