Jesse Jackson shows his true colors

Some will call it a slip up; others will say that it was private conversation; I call it showing his true colors.  I have lost all respect for Jesse Jackson.  A few months ago he was at the NAACP symbolic burial of the word nigger/nigga, now he is caught on Fox News of all channels using the word.  He is a hypocrite.  Is it safe to say now that Jackson could be jealous of Obama’s success in this presidential campaign?  I wonder if the black people who were complaining about Obama’sspeech he gave during father’s day will get as equally upset over the derogatory word that Jesse Jackson called his own people.  I am not a nigger/nigga, and  I don’t appreciate Jackson referring to his people as such.


3 Responses

  1. Oh this “slip up” was quite the embarrassment for Jesse especially after that whole burying the N-word production. Although many feel as though it was a private conversation that should never have made it to general public. I have never been a fan of Jesse but this doesn’t make me dislike him less, we all fall victim to our contradictions at times, just not as publicly as others. I know I am glad that I have never been caught on camera saying some of the things I have said…

  2. “Is it safe to say now that Jackson could be jealous of Obama’s success in this presidential campaign?”

    Yes, in all honesty, I believe it is jealousy, and who knows? Desparation. Jackson may see Obama as someone who has overshadowed and outclassed him by a mile. He also doesn’t like the fact that his “glory days” in front of the camera are numbered and does not want to relinquish his visibility.

    Don’t get me wrong. Jesse has done a lot of positive things, and as we are all aware of, some not so good things. The best thing jackson can do at this point is to step aside gracefully and not interfere with Obama’s campaign or create any further distractions.

  3. sadly,this is classic re:black on black hate. [residual]
    behavior courtesy of the white folks’ ‘conquer&divide’
    blatant slaveday-not so subliminal modernday institutionalized racism.Rev.Jesse is simply a one in a billion victim of circumstance.i will NEVER dis’ a
    a brother or a sister for THE ‘W’PEOPLE to hear or see!!!hey its time to do like the jews,italians,etc.STICK
    TOGETHER!!! BTW~ if all polititians are pimps well then i’ll pick THE BLACK ONE,thank you.we dropped it like that BITD[backinthday].my closing remark…
    “when Barack Obama puts that mf crown on his head,i suggest all you bruthas&sistas do the same,raise your princes&princesses to re-inherit the Kingdom and PLEASE dont forget that brother Reverend Jesse Jackson took decades of woopass holding hands with the likes of Dr.Martin Luther King to pave the road free so as we might have the endless choices we have today!

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