Prince George’s County; We have to get it together

This is embarrassing.  I read this article in the Post today; Some Guards At Md. Jail Have Arrest Records; Prince George’s Facility Under Scrutiny After Murder Suspect’s Slaying  CorrectionalOfficers with records sill working or on the books in Prince George’s County?  Men who have threatened to kill their wives, reckless driving  and armed robbery are among some of the charges that have been filed against correctional officers and these people are still employed.

We need a complete overhaul in the system.  I am sure Ronnie White’s family is going to pursue a civil suit against the county, and once again Prince George’s County will have to open its purse and shell out money that could have been saved if the management of our county  weren’t so damn bootleg.  I don’t think that the family should sue because the actions of Ronnie White is what got him in jail, but cops are not above the law and now the county will have to pay.

Anyone who still feels that Jack Johnson should still be in office is delusional.  He gave that 3 minute press conferencewhen the Ronnie White incident first happened and that was the last we heard from him.


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