Will Mickey Mouse be packing heat too?

A former Disney employee  is suing the company because Disney has declared they are exempt from Florida law that says that employees can bring guns to work as long as they leave them in their cars.  Why would you want to bring your gun to work?  Do you think that car break-ins and thefts are going to increase in Florida because this law?  Hang on folks, the next time you take your kids to Disney World Mickey Mouse could be packing…..


2 Responses

  1. What a paranoid culture we live in. Paranoid and ignorant.

  2. Guns at work (I don’t care if they are left in the car) is a recipe for all kinds of trouble. What would happen if an armed employee had a disagreement with a coworker or the boss? What would happen if an armed employee gets fired or laid off? Normally sane people can lose it in a moment of blind anger.

    Disney and other companies are going to fight this because the last thing they need is someone losing their mind and shooting up the place. The wrongful death lawsuits, not to mention the loss of reputation and business would bankrupt them.

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