Just plain ignorant

Kilpatrick should just step down as Mayor.  There is no excuse; he is an attorney and should know better; the judge did the right thing; if only Kilpatrick would do the same…

Judge orders Detroit mayor jailed


2 Responses

  1. There’s a reason people are leaving this state in droves. The people of Detroit wanted a crook, and they got one. Now live with it.
    I thought Detroit was turning it around when they elected D. Archer, but alas, it was not the case. He was too good for the city, and had to go.

  2. Point 1) in response to Jim: I don’t believe the city of Detroit wants a crook – Kwame showed great promise as Mayor. Because he is young and proud and educated he was able to inspire hope in a city that often seems hopeless. He had great ideas, and the know who and know how to accompish great things. Sadly, the power encompassed him and his true narcissitic self shone through.

    Point 2) While I am glad Kwame was remanded today, I feel sorry for his children (not him as he pled for today in court). The pain, hurt and frustration children must experience with incarcerated parents is enough, without the stress and pressure of society added on top.

    Point 3) Judge Giles came through for the city, the region, and the state today by showing Kwame just how serious this matter is. City business or not, in the courts eyes, he is a defendant first and a mayor second, as it should be. Had I stood in front of Judge Giles today I would not have been Mom first, defendant second regardless of how I see and prioritize my life.

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