Man Fatally Shot in his yard

This is constant reminder that you are not safe not even in front of your own home.  A 26 year old man was shot in front of his parent’s house while playing a card game.    I hope they find the idiots who killed this young man.  You know that times are rough when criminals are shooting people once they rob people. 

I do have a few questions about this article.  These questions are not related to this young man’s murder; none the less they crossed my mind as I read the article.

Yesterday, Olivia Blackwell, 54, and her husband, Paul Love, 64, remembered their son, who went by Trevon or “Tre,” as a homebody. He was unemployed and had diabetes, friends said.

In the back yard, playing cards were still on the table, along with two beers and a milkshake. His mother had brought him the shake and a cheese pizza that night.

Blackwell’s aunt, Alfreda Oyegbola, took him to Potomac Mills mall last week, where they bought him shoes and a PlayStation.

This guy was 26 y/o and not employed.  Did he recently loose his job?  The article mentioned that he had diabetes; did his diabetes keep him from working?  His aunt took him to Potomac Mills and bought him shoes and a Play Station?  Why didn’t this man have a job?  Once again, these questions have nothing to do with his murder; I am just wondering why the writer included these things in the article.


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  1. Um, while you’re questionning… why would a loving mother give her diabetic son a milkshake and a pizza? Beer and milkshakes are DEFINITELY things to be avoided if diabetic, and pizza isn’t exactly considered a good idea either.

  2. I read this article a week ago and had the same questions. The PlayStation and shoes tidbit was so unnecessary. What really bugs me the most is that Prince George’s County is not a bad place to live, but when random crimes like this happen, so many people are intent on bashing the entire county and blaming it on race. They completely ignore places like Fort Washington, Bowie, Upper Marlboro, Glenn Dale, and Laurel which are very nice and have large middle-class African-American populations. Crime is driven almost entirely by economic class, but so many people ignore this fact.

    Native Son–Do you think crime in the county has really gone down or is it a perception issue? I think Jack Johnson has been completely ineffective and I still can’t believe he was re-elected in 2006.

  3. Hey Jon:

    I see you know the area man. Are you from Prince George’s County?

    You are correct Jack Johnson is a joke, but black folk here in the county get so used to people that they don’t know how to break away. I voted for Rushern Baker and he almost beat Jack Johnson. Prince George’s County police chief Melvin High said that crime is down but in my opinion is still too high.

    The areas you stated do indeed have a high concentration of middle class African Americans, but we don’t work together; every one is too busy being “fabulous” in our middle and upper middle class neighbrohoods while our school system and county is not at the level that it should be.

  4. What’s up Native son. I’m not from Prince George’s, but I went to college in Washington, DC so I always used to watch the local news and read the Post. When I first learned that the county was so affluent, I was under the impression that it was like Fairfax or Arlington, but it really isn’t (unless you count National Harbor..but that’s another Crime is off the hook, but it seems to be confined to certain parts of the county. I went to the Blvd. at the Capitol Center a few times, and I generally liked it because it seemed to provide services that were lacking in the county (plus the Gladys Knight restaurant is pretty good). However, I saw too many cursing, reckless teens who were unsupervised and TOO many tennis shoe shops. How many Shoe City stores does the area need? lol. I try to imagine myself as a middle-class African-American dad with kids in a few years. Would I want my kids to be exposed to cursing and a low variety of stores, or would I drive to White Flint or Tysons Corner (or even M Street in Georgetown)? I would like to live with other educated African-Americans, but if the schools are overcrowded and amenities are poor, you have to question whether its worth it–especially since homes in P.G. have appreciated so much. Its sad there is a lack of cohesion among parents in the county because I think the schools could be a lot better. There are places in the county where the average income is $100,000 or more yet the state test scores are like Baltimore. I don’t get it…and I know the kids can do the work.

    Also…do you think the county should be fighting for Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Cheesecake Factory, Whole Foods, etc., to locate in the county, or is it a misplaced priority? I think the state of the schools is way more important, but I also think some of the stores aren’t locating in the county because of racism and the people deserve MUCH better. If you make $150,000 and live in a $600,000 home, yet the only retail establishments near your home are dollar stores, I think that’s bad. I think county residents have been disrespected, and even though National Habor is there, it seems like it was built for visitors with residents being a secondary concern. Maybe I’m just being cynical however.

  5. Hey Jon:

    I am going to start a new post about this and we can continue the conversation there.

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