Prince George’s County can’t stay out of the news

This is just another stain on Prince George’s County.  The Mayor of Berwyn Height, Cheye Calvo and his wife have asked the FBI to investigate the recent raid on his house; which included a SWAT team that shot his dogs. It was a case of mistaken identity.  Calvo stated that many others in the county have faced the same type of treatment by Prince George’s County Police and Sheriffs.  I could not agree with him more.  Even the county chapter of NAACP is supporting this investigation because too many times minorities face this type of treatment by law enforcement.

The article highlights several law suits and accounts of County residents who allege that county law enforcement officials crossed the line.  What is Jack Johnson doing?  Chief High is weeks away from retirement and county leaders don’t seem to care that our county is going down the tubes.  Why hasn’t High apologized to the Mayor and the residents of the county for this nonsense?  They still haven’t resolved the Ronnie White case.  And now we have this incident involving a county Mayor.  The story has made national attention.  This is a complete mess!

The residents of Prince George’s County should be outraged; Where are you fellow residents?  Oh most of us don’t care; we sit in our middle class communities and as long as it doesn’t affect our household directly we turn a blind eye; and then have the nerve to vote for the same county executive over and over again.


4 Responses

  1. The PG Police do it again but who in the county is really surprised? Their long history of corruption and brutality is well documented. Mayor Calvo, his wife, and unfortunately their two black labs can add their names to the long list of those who have been victimized by a police department who all too often behave as if they are exempt from respecting the civil rights of the community it serves. As for Melvin High not apologizing, I really don’t think it’s his call to make. Once Jack Johnson gives the word, an apology will be made. All I know is Melvin High has to be pissed. He retires in less than a month and has to deal with this mess!

  2. My heart goes out to the residents of this obviously fascist county where the people need to stand up for their Constitutional rights. I sent the Chief an email telling him what I thought of he and his officer’s behavior, and his consistent refusal to apologize to the Mayor and his wife for the violent and unnecessary killing of their two pet dogs. I can only imagine what other residents have experienced. Only by standing up to fascism can we hope to save our country from such future events.

  3. If the county gov. is so corrupt, then those who wish to stand up need to stand up and make a change. Join Mayor Cheye Calvo in his new fight.

    Who knows, perhaps this national attention will give him leverage to run against the County officials, and win. Or run for Congress and fix the county from that way on. Join him in his effort, volunteer for him. Let him know that by playing this new card that has been dealt to him he can run for another government level position, and fight the corruption that PG County is entwined with.

    This is a horrible incident, …the members of the SWAT team that pulled this off should feel a shamed of them selves, and I hope they do loose sleep over this.

  4. These men in the Prince George Police department Swat team kill 2 innocent dogs and terrorize 3 innocent people. There should be an intensive investigation of their cruel and idiotic actions during this raid.

    They remind me of the satire policemen on the show “Reno 911” (from the Comedy Network) except that they are actual cops that are supposedly protecting real people.

    The make-believe cops from “Reno 911” would have also mistakenly made a drug raid on innocent people and after terrorizing the innocent people and killing their dogs they would have quickly apologized to the victims and then proceeded next door for another drug raid on the correct criminals without an ounce of guilt or remorse.

    The difference between these two instances is that one is a satire comedy and the other true life.

    Pretty sad reality.

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