I was listening to talk radio this morning and someone called and made an interesting question/comment.  A lot of Clinton supporters are very mad that she did not win the nomination and they want Obama to select her as his Vice Presidential candidate.  Most Obama supporters are not in favor of this and think it is a bad idea. 

Let’s flip the script;

What if Hillary had won the Democratic Nomination.  Would Obama supporters, especially African American supporters demand that Clinton pick Obama as her Vice Presidential candidate?  Would people be ready to protest and march or even threaten not to vote if Clinton did not pick Obama to run with her?  

What do you think?


8 Responses

  1. I think that some would protest and be very vocal about their threats not to vote for SWMNBN if the situations were reversed. The more telling blow would be that a large number of Black voters just wouldn’t bother going to the polls at all.

  2. what is SWMNBN?

  3. She Who Must Not Be Named, it’s one of the thing we call Hillary 😉

  4. I have to admit, Black folk would be snapping and demanding that barack be the VP. However, it doesn’t change the fact (in my view) that Hillary would hurt Barack not only in the elction but in the White house if he won with her as a running mate.

  5. DJ:

    I agree

  6. One set of questions are:

    1) If Hillary isn’t named VP, how many of 18 million supporters (using primary vote totals) won’t vote for Obama? It doesn’t really matter whether they vote for McCain or not, just that they don’t vote for Obama

    2) If Hillary IS named VP, how many of the 18 million (using primary vote totals) Obama supporters won’t vote for Obama?

    I believe that, no matter what choice is made, Obama is going to have a problem in November. Since I don’t support his candidacy, this shouldn’t bother me yet it does. I hate the idea that this is going to be a straight up race between candidates and their supporters. A “broken” democratic party is not what I was hoping for, not in an election this important.

  7. I would also like to add that the GOP is using what Clinton started suring the primary race against Obama; they are merely picking up where she left off.

    As a Democrat, I am very disturbed that party leaders did not intervene early enough during the primary season to make sure that both candidates realized that winning the White House, no matter who the Democratic nominee is; is what is important .

  8. Native Son:

    The Clintons are like a strain of a bacteria that just can’t seem to go away. Hillary Clinton was going to stick it out until the end because she puts politics ahead of reality. The Clintons think they run the Democratic Party, and I think they were both shocked that millions of Democrats actually thought for themselves and preferred other options.

    Hillary’s playbook is to look as “unified” as possible even though she completely undermined Obama earlier this year at every turn. To her, no one deserved to be in the White House except for her. She and her husband think the USA is their personal playground where they can rule unquestioned, and unfortunately, millions of people bought their lines even though both of them are hopelessly dirty and corrupt.

    I just hope Obama can cut through all the cynicism and run an effective campaign.

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